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Default Air Force Logo March Madness: Showcasing great teams, leadership
March Madness. A time for college basketball teams to Duke it out (pun intended) for the national championship. The consistent winners display the hallmarks of a great team. Selfless, dedicated and disciplined individuals (players and coaches) committed to performing their best and working together for their team to perform its best. All consistent
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A widow with two sons who served during World War II, Staff Sgt. Esther Blake is known as the "first woman of the Air Force." She paved the way for female enlistees and showed that patriotism is not defined by one's gender. (Photo courtesy Air Force Heritage Research Institute) Paying tribute to women throughout history
The wing has the privilege to highlight special observances on a monthly basis. We recently highlighted African American History Month and in the coming months will highlight Asian-Pacific American Heritage month. In total there are nine mandated special observances.This month the special observance is women's history. I am sure each of us can
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Default Air Force Logo Walking by issues
One of the most difficult obstacles an Air Force leader will encounter, regardless of whether they are a new or well-seasoned leader, an NCO or a commissioned officer, is engaging with members not meeting standards.Not meeting standards has such a broad spectrum, from being as minor as hair not in regulation or boots not bloused in a professional
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Default Air Force Logo Always ready, always improving
Yes, the rumor is true; the 21st Space Wing has a Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone scheduled May 10-19. So, before everyone starts to panic, I'll let you all in on a little secret... We are continually under inspection and the Team Pete Inspector General office is here to help. This is the first of many IG-related messages to pass on trends,
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Default Air Force Logo Professionalism
One of the most uniquely American military traits is "professionalism." The term captures not just the desire of U.S. military senior military leaders, but also a trait demanded by the American public of its military. As a commander, I speak often of the term professionalism - hoping to help ingrain that certain ideal I want the Airmen in my group
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Default Air Force Logo What qualities, values define your leadership?
Many years ago, a wise mentor inspired me and a group of young ROTC cadets to approach success as encapsulated in the Chinese characters of risk and preparation. He explained the Chinese written language lacks a single character that means success; rather the risk and preparation characters combine to create the idea of success. While I don't speak
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Default Air Force Logo Weigh your options
It doesn't seem that long ago -- my junior year of high school -- trying to determine what to do with my life. Which path should I take? College or no-college? Military? Move away or remain in my home town? After talking with classmates I decided college was a must, but didn't know how to pay for it. Then a teacher of mine, a retired Army
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Default Air Force Logo Leading by example
I am a big fan of inspirational quotes to keep my compass pointed to my true north. I keep a few favorites on my desk so that I see them every day. Certainly, some of them are platitudes that are better cross-stitched and hanging in my favorite aunt's kitchen than guiding my daily operations, as they have been so overused that they have lost their
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Default Air Force Logo Take time to celebrate success
The start of a new year always brings promise of new resolution and reflection on the past year. As the holidays wrap up and the season for holiday spirit and festive gatherings come to a close, it is important to remember who we are as a wing.Foresight and vision are crucial, but what about past accomplishments? How do we know we are driving the
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Default Air Force Logo I am an American Airman… too!
A large copy of the Airman's Creed is mounted on a door in my office. A previous commander prominently displayed it to remind the officers and enlisted in our group of the core principles that guide their service to our Air Force and our country. It's positioned in a way that I have looked at the Airman's creed every day I've sat at my desk here at
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