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Default Air Force Logo Surviving toxic leadership
As I rapidly approach retirement in three weeks, I think back fondly over the last 31 years. I have worked with and for some of the most amazing people. Of course, they were all different, but some of the common qualities that come to mind are leadership, integrity, passion, dedication, devotion, loyalty, honesty, patriotism, etc. The list goes on
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership
The Business Dictionary defines leadership as the act of inspiring subordinates to perform and engage in achieving a goal. The goal is attained by mutual cooperation, cohesive behaviour and a leader who infuses a sense of positivity while directing others to reach their specified goal.Various theories have been formulated by psychologists to
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PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Airman Johnathon Downs (center), poses for a photo while being presented an FTAC certificate of completion July 25 from Col. Richard Burchfield, Individual Mobilization Augmentee to the commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Richard Redman, former 21st SW command chief. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Rose Gudex) Are you new here or just lost?
"Welcome to Peterson, you're going to love it here! Do you have any questions?"Well yes, actually, I have about a million. I'm brand new to the Air Force; so new you can probably still smell basic training radiating from my boots. So new I don't know something as simple as how the dining facility works or where the commissary is, much less how to
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Default Air Force Logo What’s on your bucket list?
Recently, I had the pleasure of hiking to the top of Cheyenne Mountain. Actually, in this case, "hike" and "pleasure" are not exactly the right words. You see, there is no trail conveniently laid out with railroad ties found on the very popular Manitou Incline. In fact, there is no trail at all. It's also steeper than the Incline, gains more
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Default Air Force Logo Development of a Squadron Commander
PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to participate in the 21st Medical Group's change of command ceremony which saw the outgoing commander, Col. Mike Burke, pass the guide-on to the incoming commander, Col. Susan Moran. It was a special privilege to serve as the commander of troops during the ceremony. I also
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Default Air Force Logo These Airmen nowadays
I often find myself saying "these Airmen nowadays!" I'd say it's a rite of passage, but let me pose one simple question. Were we really that much different than these Airmen nowadays? There are plenty of you saying yes I was! Hold that thought.When I entered the Air Force in 1987, I was one of those Airmen who provided my supervisors nothing but
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Default Air Force Logo Tips for new frontline supervisors – moving from ‘bro’ to ‘boss’
As the chief and I were wrapping up the global change of command season in the 21st Operations Group, we had some great discussions with the next generation of leaders in our Air Force. As we saw several young Airmen reconciling their new-found responsibilities as first-time, frontline supervisors, we thought it was a good idea to continue our
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Default Air Force Logo ‘Go to’ personnel
Although I didn't know it until well after the fact, shortly after I took command of a cyber detachment, a newly promoted staff sergeant approached his recently PCSed technical sergeant supervisor, wondering why the new commander was coming directly to him asking questions and trying to understand what they did and how they did it. The staff
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Default Air Force Logo Human error and risk management
Everyone has at one time or another heard someone say, "I'm only human" or is familiar with the ancient Latin proverb, "Errare humanum est" - to err is human. As the 21st Space Wing chief of safety, I quickly learned what it really means to be human from a mishap standpoint. Specifically, human error is identified as a causal factor in 80 percent
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Default Air Force Logo Safety - it’s worth a second thought
Safety is a topic we talk about often, and with the busy summer season upon us, we'll hear about it even more. We all know it's important, but when you hear safety messages over and over, it's easy for them to go in one ear and out the other. Everyone knows to be safe, right? Why give it a second thought when (we think) we've all internalized the
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