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Default Air Force Logo Bump, set, spike of teamwork
Maybe it's shameless of me to say, 12th SWS dominates volleyball here at Thule. My admittedly partial observation of our Archies on the volleyball court is that we have developed a really strong team for volleyball. We know our servers, setters, spikers, coaches, organizers and everyone is an enthusiastic cheerleader. As the commander, it's fun to
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Default Air Force Logo Bloom where you're planted
As a colonel and group commander, I often field requests from young officers and enlisted members who ask to get on my schedule for "career advice." Invariably, this leads to a discussion where they lay out their well thought out, long-term plans for career success. During most sessions, I stop the young officer or enlisted member and share a story
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Default Air Force Logo Olympic overcoming
A popular mantra in our front office these days seems to be, "This falls in the 'can't make this stuff up' category." Sometimes this is made in reference to a silly error, but lately it seems to be in reference to challenges we've worked through. As a wing and a base, we have had an extremely "overcoming" year, and I am continually amazed at the
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Default Air Force Logo Total force, mission partner
In 1957, my father was 11 years old when Sputnik cleared the tower in Tyuratam. In 1968, he graduated from West Point, served 26 years in the Army and raised a family, eventually retiring in 1994 and is now a teacher in South Carolina. For three years in the early-1980s, we lived in Anchorage, my dad serving as the battalion executive officer for
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Default Air Force Logo Keep moving
The four pillars of comprehensive fitness illustrate how people can maintain a healthy balance in their lives and a sense of belonging. All attributes in a person's life fit within the areas of the mental, physical, social and spiritual pillars. How an individual thinks, feels, gets along with others, deals with stress and acts in general is
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Default Air Force Logo Great people, taking pride and knowing their stuff
What do the following 21st Space Wing folks and their units have in common with regard to the upcoming Air Force Space Command inspection? Master Sgt. Walt McClung (21st Force Support Squadron), Airman 1st Class Leslie Schindler (21st Aerospace Medicine Squadron), Tech. Sgt. Tom Green (21st Security Forces Squadron), Airman 1st Class John
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Default Air Force Logo ‘Because I said’ leadership
So, I have a confession to make ... I watch the ABC television series, "Once Upon A Time." This is not on purpose, however. I blame my wife and daughter -- that's how I got sucked in. For those of you not familiar with the series, I'll sum up the plot line. The series is about the town of "Storybrooke" and its inhabitants. Due to a curse, all of
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Default Air Force Logo Attitude inspires success
When I was in seminary, the professor who taught church administration and management said, "There are three keys to success." As I waited on the edge of my seat anticipating his profound words, he continued, "Attitude, Attitude, Attitude!" I thought to myself, "Really? You've got to be kidding ... there must be a formula for success more
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Default Air Force Logo Focus on doing it right the first time
2013 is shaping up to be a very challenging year. By now everyone has heard about sequestration. Defined as a "mechanism or procedure" in U.S. law used to limit the size of the federal budget, sequestration was enacted by Congress and is expected to drive budget cuts across the government in order to meet requirements captured in the Budget Control
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Default Air Force Logo What’s your slogan?
Slogans have always been part of history. All of us have our favorite slogans. There are slogans for sports, slogans for a cause, slogans for advertising, slogans for all occasions and activities. From a historical point we have slogans we all know or have read about in the history books. For example we have "remember the Alamo" or "Kilroy was
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