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Default Air Force Logo Identifying the domestic enemy
As members of the military, we have all taken an oath of service. For officers it is the Oath of Office and for enlisted personnel it is the Oath of Enlistment. Although the titles are different, there is an identical statement in both that sparked my curiosity one day: "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,
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Default Air Force Logo It is never too late
Recently, I found out one of the 21st Space Wing members that I most admire had decided to return to school in pursuit of a bachelor's degree. This is a man who doesn't need to continue his education - he has already completed one incredible career, retiring as a highly respected chief master sergeant, and he is currently excelling in a second
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Default Air Force Logo Successful leadership demands responsibility
Gen. Curtis E. LeMay once said that if he had to come up with one word to define leadership, it would be "responsibility." We have seen many examples of leaders taking responsibility in the Air Force during our 65 year history. Some of the most recent examples have dealt with our senior leadership taking responsibility in the nuclear enterprise,
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Default Air Force Logo Teamprovementude: How we can improve our units in spite of fiscal challenges
We've all heard the age-old anecdotes that "money doesn't buy happiness" and "no matter what, they can't take away our pride." I submit during these days of diminishing budgets and resources, the tried sayings ring true. In fact, during these trying times, we actually can improve our units in spite of the fiscal challenges. According to Chief of
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Default Air Force Logo Rules of communication
The van pulled up along the wing headquarters building... and exploded. It took out part of the operations support squadron and the wing command section. Both the wing and squadron commanders and their deputies were gone in an instant. Left behind were the 21st Operations Group commander and a seven-year captain who knew a lot about training, but
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Default Air Force Logo Thrilled to be onboard
For those of you I have not met yet, let me take this opportunity to shake your hand virtually until I get the chance to do so in person. My name is John Shaw. I am a husband. I am a father. I am, among other things, a fitness nut, an outdoors enthusiast, a space and tech geek, an amateur historian, futurist, and philosopher. I am an Airman in the
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Default Air Force Logo Lessons learned on Mount Fuji
A few years ago, when I was stationed at Osan Air Base, South Korea, my wife and I were planning our summer vacation and we whittled our options down to two vacation spots. We could take vacation on Jeju Island (which has been called the "Hawaii of Korea") and enjoy the sun and beach at a leisurely pace, or we could travel to Japan and hike Mount
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Default Air Force Logo Your next move
As members of the military, we often take amazing opportunities for granted. Children and adults alike may have seen pictures of Rome or London, Alaska or Hawaii, or even Japan or Australia...knowing that may be as close as they ever get to those locations. We in the military have the wonderful chance to see or even live in amazing locations. Why
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Default Air Force Logo Goodbye and thanks
As many of the wing's group and squadron commanders know, taking command of a unit is one of the most exciting moments in an officer's life. As a commander, you get the opportunity to enact leadership skills you've spent years learning, steer the direction of a unit, and set the example for a generation of future leaders to follow - often in a
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Default Air Force Logo America's freedom: Appreciating the sacrifice
As an American people, we recently celebrated our independence as a nation. We celebrated the day in a variety of ways: watching fireworks, attending baseball games, hosting neighborhood block parties, eating a few hot dogs or just taking it easy with family members. Whatever the activity, somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the day we likely
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