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Default Air Force Logo Financial Health in the New Year
Big holiday dinners with your family and friends, vacations to far-flung locations, and the joy on a child’s face when they open the perfect present. The holiday season is indeed full of priceless moments. But they don’t come cheap and those big dinners, travel expenses, piles of presents, and a myriad of other holiday-related expenses can do serious damage to any spending plan.
0 12/05
Default Air Force Logo Taking care of Airmen
It is likely that at some point in your career you have heard the phrase “taking care of Airmen” and may have even thought that this is a responsibility that falls solely within the realm of commanders, first sergeants and supervisors. While it is certainly true that those in leadership positions are entrusted with significant responsibilities in this area, we all have a role to significant role to play in this regard - followers, peers and leaders alike.
0 11/28
Here I stand, watching as storm troopers, princesses, superheroes and many other “beings” frantically cruise past me. One would think I’d landed on a distant planet in a galaxy far, far away. In actuality, I was standing amidst a crowd of holiday vacationers at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, during recent leave with our daughter’s family. One doesn’t have to look much further than a “Disney experience” for lessons on managing holiday stress.
0 11/14
Default Air Force Logo Rebalance with mindfulness
Every day we face various life stressors — from work and challenging commutes, to family and home responsibilities. At times, just one small change to our schedule can leave us feeling overwhelmed. As such, being more mindful and fully present in our lives can help us regain a better sense of balance.
0 11/02
Default Air Force Logo Be a Quitter
About 36 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, and tobacco remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the world. I don’t believe that deep down, anyone likes to be dependent on tobacco or any other substance. The problem is, it is hard to quit.
0 10/25
Default Air Force Logo Happy Anniversary: GEODSS Celebrates 35 Years
2017 marks the 35th year since the 20th Space Control Squadron’s Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance system achieved initial operational capability. GEODSS has stood steadfast as a key contributor to our nation’s Space Situational Awareness.
0 10/24
Default Air Force Logo Resiliency: Essential to Survival
In the harsh environs of an Arctic winter, daylight is scarce and outside temperatures can drop to negative 60 degrees below zero. Daily life in austere operating locations like Clear Air Force Station, Alaska and Thule Air Base, Greenland can be quite challenging, especially for newly assigned unaccustomed members.
0 10/13
Default Air Force Logo October is Air Force Energy Action Month.
The Air Force Energy Flight Plan of January 2017 clearly states our energy management priorities. They are: 1) Improve Resiliency, 2) Optimize Demand, and 3) Assure Supply.
0 10/11
Default Air Force Logo During football season it’s everyone’s alma mater
On a very sunny fall afternoon 37,286 fans gathered Sept. 2, 2017, for opening day of the U.S. Air Force Academy Falcons football season. A new year, new starters, and the promise of a Mountain West Conference championship began on a glorious day for football.
0 9/18
Default Air Force Logo Watching from atop the world
Situated high above the Arctic Circle is a relic of the Cold War, a base many associate with an inhospitable climate, months of darkness, isolation, and a mission from a by-gone era. To others, like those of the 12th Space Warning Squadron, it is home, at least for a year. However, with increasing threats from potential adversaries old and new, the squadron’s mission to “execute flawless missile warning, missile defense, and space surveillance operations in order to deter aggression, secure space, and defend our nations and allies” is as equally important today as it was 50 years ago. Like our brethren before, the men and women of the 12th Space Warning Squadron, Canadians and Americans, stand atop the world serving as the watchful eye and our nations’ forward deterrent against aggression.
0 9/12
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