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Default Air Force Logo Watching from atop the world
Situated high above the Arctic Circle is a relic of the Cold War, a base many associate with an inhospitable climate, months of darkness, isolation, and a mission from a by-gone era. To others, like those of the 12th Space Warning Squadron, it is home, at least for a year. However, with increasing threats from potential adversaries old and new, the squadron’s mission to “execute flawless missile warning, missile defense, and space surveillance operations in order to deter aggression, secure space, and defend our nations and allies” is as equally important today as it was 50 years ago. Like our brethren before, the men and women of the 12th Space Warning Squadron, Canadians and Americans, stand atop the world serving as the watchful eye and our nations’ forward deterrent against aggression.
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Default Air Force Logo Space as a Warfighting Domain
“Space is a warfighting domain just like air, land and sea. We have to be prepared to fight a full range of operations.” – General John “Jay” Raymond, Air Force Space Command commander.
0 9/06
Default Air Force Logo Red or yellow? An overly brief history on the dynamic and difficult pathway to women’s suffrage and women’s equality day
Red rose or yellow rose? Yes or No? Should women be allowed the right to vote?
0 8/30
21st Communications Squadron shield Online safety
As we near the beginning of another school year, one thing’s for sure: students, parents, and teachers will all be more connected than ever before. With the prevalence of smart laptops, tablets, phones, watches etc., seemingly everything today is connected to the internet in one way or another. Technology has revolutionized our access to information and has made our lives better in many ways. However, being “Wired Up, Fired Up!” 24/7 does bring with it some vulnerabilities too.
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Default Air Force Logo Saved by the…Bell?!?
Cooler temperatures, football season, increased traffic, endless back to school sales and aisles of school supplies are all sure signs that summer is over and school is back in session. This time of year brings a myriad of emotion from across the spectrum—by both parents and students; excitement, apprehension, anxiety, sadness, joy, and stress are just a few. When you add the transition of going from elementary to middle school, middle to high school, high school to college, or starting a new school—these feelings can escalate tremendously. I remember distinctly that “Day 1” feeling. Day 1 of elementary, Day 1 of junior high, Day 1 of high school, and Day 1 of college. Both as a parent and a student. Back to school shopping to find that perfect “first day” outfit; digging through the bin until I found the “perfect” trapper keeper with the “perfect” design; then of course the coolest back pack filled with all my school supplies packed and re-packed at least 3 days before school started. I remember running to school when the schedules were posted to find out who the lucky teacher was, and of course which of my friends were in which class. The endless conversations about what this school year would be like and who was going to sit with who at the lunch table. As a parent, I’ve even tried to pass some of that excitement over to my children as they started school—especially at their milestones. Many times I was excited to see them off to school but then sad to realize how fast time passes by and how important it is to cherish the growing years.
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Default Air Force Logo Goals and Success
One of my favorite questions to ask formal leaders is how they define success. Interestingly, I’ve never heard one relate success to rank.
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Default Air Force Logo Hope begins with you
When we hear the words “Human Trafficking,” we often imagine men sitting in a dark room, wearing suits, smoking cigars and bidding on victims. That is until the hero breaks down the door, rescues the victims and they ride off into the sunset.
0 8/01
Default Air Force Logo Dedication to Compliance
In an Air Force full of “shalls,” “musts,” and “wills,” total compliance is something that I don’t think is ever achievable.
0 7/28
Col. Devin Pepper, 21st Operations Group Commander Fight’s On!!
Becoming the commander of the 21st Operations Group was a seminal moment in my career. There is no other Group in the Air Force I could have asked to command. The mission of the 21 OG is to execute combat-relevant space superiority capabilities to secure space for our nation and Allies. As Commander, my goal is to ensure the group is prepared for a fight that is not just coming in space, but is already here—today!
0 7/25
Default Air Force Logo Motorcycle Safety
As we approach the weekend and continue to enjoy beautiful Colorado weather, I ask you to take a moment and think about motorcycle safety. This applies to everyone whether you ride or not.
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