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Default Air Force Logo Telling Holocaust stories lightens soul's burden
Tears flowed from her eyes as she hesitantly asked if I was a rabbi. I responded "yes" and asked how she recognized me. She mentioned that she once briefly met me while I was stationed at Schriever Air Force Base. I said, "We should talk after we finish here." The "here" I was referring to was the Marion House Soup Kitchen in downtown Colorado
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Default Air Force Logo Final sprint to finish upon us
PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colorado - This is it, the final few days of our Operational Readiness and Unit Compliance inspections. With our out-brief scheduled for Monday, this is the last sprint to the finish. Let's keep up the motivation and professionalism. Over the last week, we have had some very dramatic and interesting scenarios, including one
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Default Air Force Logo 2009 AFAF Campaign: tightening our belts to help those in need
It's that time of year again! We have just entered week four of the Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign. During the remaining three weeks we can do our part to help our fellow Airmen and their families in this time of economic struggle. How can you help out? The Air Force Assistance Fund is an annual six week campaign conducted at each base to
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Default Air Force Logo Inspection running smoothly, keep up great work
PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - Our Operational Readiness and Compliance Inspections are in full swing and the Air Force Space Command Inspector General team is hard at work, combing through our processes, programs and observing our emergency responses. We are over half way done, but that does not mean we can let up or lose our focus. In fact, the
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Default Air Force Logo Mentoring: an Airman’s perspective
When I was fairly new to the Air Force, my first supervisor said, "Gus, you're going to the Self Aid Buddy Care instructor course." I wasn't too sure about that, but I got through it and now I've taught more than 200 security force members. Because of this experience, I not only have more confidence, but I'm much more apt to listen when I feel that
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Default Air Force Logo Wild weather reminder to be prepared
 We're off to a great start on the Operational Readiness and Unit Compliance inspections, and I have received positive comments from the inspectors on our professionalism and intense mission focus. Remember this is a month-long marathon, so pace yourselves and keep focused. From what I've seen we're doing a good job. Keep up the great work, I'm
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Default Air Force Logo What's so "core" about core values
Words like character and core values get thrown around a lot in today's Air Force, but what do they really mean? What is the importance of character and what is so "core" about core values? As the 21st Space Wing and Air Force Space Command focus on character in the Year of Leadership month of April, I think these are important questions to
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Default Air Force Logo Credibility is foundation of leadership
Character can be defined as simply as "who we are." Some common descriptive traits for character are honesty, integrity and dependability. In a nutshell, a person's character determines the decisions they will make on a consistent basis and how other people view those decisions in either a positive or negative light. Any of the traits used to
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Default Air Force Logo Stay focused on safety, attitude, professionalism during ORI
The Air Force Space Command Inspector General team has arrived at the 21st Space Wing, and our Operational Readiness and Unit Compliance Inspections have officially begun. The inspectors have already completed examining several of the wing's GSUs, and also have begun inspecting many of our programs and processes here at Peterson. There is much to
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Default Air Force Logo ORI is our time to shine
The big day is here tomorrow. The Air Force Space Command Inspector General team officially begins the Wing operational readiness and unit compliance inspections with an in brief here Friday. Technically, the inspection has already begun at some of our GSUs, but as of tomorrow, the IG will begin the inspection in earnest at the GSUs, followed by
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