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21st Space Wing Black History Month celebration Peterson Air Force Base historical figures America Black history comes to life at Peterson
February is Black History Month and every year Airmen recognize the historical contributions that Black Americans have made in every endeavor throughout American history. This year volunteers brought historical figures back to life with a musical production.
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P-47, Thunderbolt, WWII, Museum, History Hands on history
History lives in more than just books, it lives in objects and people as well. Walking past a historic display, seeing an old photo, the stories and emotions this invokes can be pulled to the surface. A piece of history located on Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, that helped steer Jeffery Nash, Edward J. Peterson Air and Space Museum assistant director, toward his career in museum curating. After years of working on Peterson AFB as active duty and as a civilian, one project reminded him of his passions and pushed him to this new step in life.
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Default Air Force Logo 21st Space Wing strikes silver
The 21st Space Wing celebrates its silver anniversary this year at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. Before becoming a space wing, however, Air Force units carrying the designation of “21st” previously engaged in flying.
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PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – Jeffrey Nash, Peterson Air and Space Museum assistant director, and Gail Whalen, Peterson Air and Space Museum director, inventory a potential donation of graphic works at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., Oct. 3, 2016. The graphic was created by Paul S. Jaffe, who was the lead graphic artist and cartoonist for the Air Defense Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command in the 1950s and early 60s.  Jaffe designed the original NORAD emblem that is still used today. (U.S. Air Force photo by Philip Carter) Peterson Air and Space Museum: Experiencing local heritage
The Peterson Air and Space Museum preserves Air Force culture by emphasizing the mission and history of the base and the local area.
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