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Action Line
The 21st Space Wing maintains a commander's action line, a direct link to the 21st Space Wing commander. The wing commander encourages its use. Concerns should be addressed at the lowest possible level in the chain of command and elevated as necessary.

To reach the action line for 21st Space Wing members and its GSUs:
Call 719-552-2121, DSN 559-2121 or email

To reach the Peterson action line for Peterson AFB items of interest or for the wing's tenant units:
Call 719-556-7777, DSN 834-7777, or email 

Though not required, Action Line users should leave point-of contact information when submitting an Action Line. This will allow those who are addressing the concern to clarify the information and respond, if necessary. Not all responses are published on the Web page; however, if information allows, a response will be rendered in another format.

Previous Action Lines:

Otis Street service station (Dec. 20, 2012)
Q: Today, I went to get gas at the AAFES service station and there is a sign posted on the gas pumps stating they are not working and to use the pumps at the shoppette. About three weeks ago, I had bought gas at the service station and there was no sign posted that they would be closing. I prefer not to use the shoppette gas station because frequently there is usually a long line and customers frequently leave their vehicle to go inside. It is common to wait 15+ minutes for a pump to open up. Additionally, it can be difficult getting out of the parking lot because of the Building 1, 2 and 3 traffic. The service station was quick and almost anytime I went there, I was in and out with minimal wait times, if any.
Is this closure temporary or permanent? Can the pumps be reopened with a credit/debit card option only? This would allow the pumps to be available 24/7 and not have to pay someone to work there. If not, is there a plan to ease the congestion at the shoppette? Is there a possibility of opening a gas station by the BX?
Thank you for looking into this.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Due to financial loss and the high cost of maintaining aging equipment, the AAFES service station on Otis Street has been permanently closed. AAFES does recognize the need for additional gas outlets and a project request has been submitted to HQ AAFES to construct a new service station near the BX. Unfortunately, no timeline has been established for approval and funding at this time.
AAFES is aware of the congestion at the shoppette service station and is taking steps to improve the flow of vehicles. We are submitting a request to increase the dispenser hose length so customers can fill up from either side of their vehicle. The zip code prompt for credit/debit card use will also be removed for a one-month trial so customers who do not know their zip code, will not have to go inside to pay. Finally, the signs asking customers to pull forward after fueling will be added to both ends of the pumps, and will be larger and brighter to increase visibility.
We understand your frustration with waiting in long lines and we will continue to work towards improving our service. Thank you again for your concern.

PT Testing Policy Procedures (Nov. 20, 2012)
Q: I am concerned with PT testing procedures on base. During an official PT test on the outdoor track a couple of my squadron members encountered additional difficulty because they had to maneuver around several people who were pacing another tester. While the fitness videos on the Air Force Personnel Center website allow people to pace you while you run, I feel there should be a policy in place that only allows for this on the outdoor track and the pacer should be required to use the outside lane. This would facilitate accurate scores based on the member's running ability without unnecessary obstructions.

A: Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. We apologize for any trouble your squadron members may have had during their PT test. In order to fix the issue, and to accommodate those testers running with a pacer and those without, we are implementing a new policy of only one pacer per tester. The pacer will be required to stay ahead of the person they are pacing in a single file line to make room for testers coming up behind them. This approach will alleviate runner traffic on the track and eliminate the need for a policy change requiring pacers to run in the outer lane. These instructions will be briefed prior to all tests, and we will work with unit fitness program monitors to ensure this information is passed on at the unit level.
We hope that in the future, this new policy will help find a medium between having a pacer and not obstructing others from their run.
Thank you for helping make Peterson Air Force Base the best place to work, live and visit in the Air Force.

Very slow pharmacy (Oct. 29, 2012)
Q: I have a complaint. Your Pharmacy is very slow. I know you deal with a lot of people but I should not have to wait an hour for one perscription. The Pharmacy in the clinic needs some changing again. Too slow! Very slow!

A: We are sorry to hear about your extended wait for your prescription and any inconveniences this may have caused. Our staff is continuously searching for new ways to improve patient safety and customer service so your feedback is appreciated.
Over the next year, we will make several changes to our procedures in order to improve issues such as wait time. In September, we purchased an automated queuing system to help match staffing to peak demand times, and keep Team Pete members informed about any known delays. We will deploy this system in the next few months.
We also received funding for a $15 million renovation to the Peterson Clinic. This renovation will focus on improving patient flow and optimizing the clinic's 'footprint.' Design efforts for this project begin in November.
Finally, we just welcomed two new pharmacists to the team. I am sure they'll play an integral role in helping us better serve you through shorter wait times and safe care.
The importance we place on patient safety may cause a little longer wait time for our patients. We make sure our patients are safe by preventing medication errors. This includes clear patient instructions, proper medication dosing, review of the patient's medical record to avoid drug interactions, and ultimately ensuring the prescription is filled with the correct medication. During 2011, our pharmacy contributed to the Peterson Clinic winning the 2011 Air Force Best Patient Safety Program Award by dispensing more than 300,000 prescriptions with a 99.997 percent accuracy rate.
Although it is our pleasure and a privilege to serve you here on Peterson, you may also choose to use the TRICARE Home Delivery program. This program offers home delivery of maintenance medications and in many cases is free. For more information about TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery, visit or call 1-877-363-1303.
Thank you again for your feedback and for helping make Peterson AFB the best place to work, live and visit in the Air Force.

Giant voice (Oct. 29, 2012)
Q: I am a concerned female civilian resident that lives on base, and early in the evening Sept. 27 there was a big voice announcement about a tornado but I could not understand the information due to the music in the background. It came across like Charlie Brown's teacher inside the house. So I went outside but didn't see or hear anything, so I went back inside and phoned the command post. During our conversation, I was hung up on. This shows no respect for me and I am very disappointed in the base process for big voice weather advisories. "Big voice" cannot be understood inside the houses on base. The music is plain as day, but the verbal information comes across as Charlie Brown's teacher inside housing.

A: Thank you for submitting your concerns to the Peterson AFB Action Line. We apologize for the Giant Voice system being difficult to hear and the misunderstanding between you and the command post controller. Safety of base personnel is of utmost importance to Peterson AFB leaders.
The Giant Voice system is undergoing an upgrade with improved audibility scheduled to be complete Nov. 1. During the evening of Sept. 27, the Giant Voice tower near Peterson AFB housing was non-functional. The nearest tower was close to Building 350 and the Giant Voice announcement was difficult to hear due to the distance to base housing.
On the night of Sept. 27, the command post received a large volume of calls due to weather warnings and cancelations associated with lightning and hail; however, no tornado warnings were issued that night.
After further review, it was discovered you were placed on hold due to a mission essential phone call in progress. When the controller returned to your call, you were no longer on the line. We apologize for this confusion.
There are several means by which the Peterson Command Post controllers disseminate information. The Giant Voice mass notification system is the first system activated, but there are several other procedures the Peterson Command Post uses to notify tenant units and personnel to include desktop "pop-up" alerts, notifications to group commanders, and notification to tenant units.
Additionally, if you have a question about a weather alert, I urge you to also use the local news outlets on the radio and television where severe weather alerts are issued by the National Weather Bureau.
Once again, thank you for your concern. Please know, safety is important to our mission and communicating weather emergencies is vital to the safety of our base populace.
Upon completion of the upgrade, we will ensure the Giant Voice notification system is working properly. Additionally, we will ensure every effort is made to provide emergency information as clearly and quickly as possible.

Disrespect to our flag, country (Aug. 5, 2012)
Q: While leaving the Peterson aquatics center yesterday at 5 p.m., retreat sounded; and as I stood at attention for the playing of the national anthem, I noticed a man sitting on the curb in front of me. After the music was over, I asked this individual if he was able to stand? His comment to me was "I don't have to stand for anything, or participate if I don't want to." I informed him that while on a military installation, he must render the proper respect to the flag. Again, his comment was "he did not have to do anything he didn't want to."
I called the law enforcement desk, to see if security forces could come talk to this individual, but was informed they did not have any patrols available at that time.
It's very frustrating to see this individual so disrespectful to our flag and country.

A: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You are correct, according to AFI 34-1201, members, dependents or visitors to an Air Force installation are required to show due respect for the flag, and failure to do so renders them subject to exclusion from the installation.
Unfortunately, the 21st Security Forces Squadron had no patrols available to respond to your call, but please continue to call security forces if you see this occurrence again. It is our goal to educate all members of Team Pete and visitors to Peterson AFB of the proper flag protocol.
In order to enhance awareness of our traditions, we will publish an article emphasizing proper protocol with respect to our flag. Thank you for your patriotism and for helping to make Peterson Air Force Base the best place to work, live and visit.

Medical group access to care (July 6, 2012)
Q: I am concerned with the current Medical Group access to care and certain upcoming events.
Currently, both the Family Health and Flight Medicine clinics are booked solid until the end of June due to manning issues. They have had to limit access as well for Condor Crest. On 26 June, the MDG will be closed a 1/2 day for WARFIT and Training.  Currently, the MDG has a entire day slated for Sports Day on 28 June. While I understand the need for a break, there is the 4th of July holiday upcoming for down time. With the other activities in the month and the already limited availability, are we shortchanging our beneficiaries and wisely using our resources for a Sports Day that could be rescheduled until manning and availability issues are resolved?

A: Thank you for sharing your concern regarding access to care at the 21st Medical Group.
For the past eight months, the 21st MDG has experienced staff shortfalls, transition of personnel, and deployments. The staff have been afforded minimal time off in order to continue providing outstanding care in spite of these obstacles. I greatly appreciate everyone's understanding as the 21st MDG works through these challenges.
However, the challenges our teammates deal with daily are a prime example of the need for camaraderie and the esprit de corps offered by the annual wing sports and field day. I appreciate your question, "Are we shortchanging our beneficiaries?" While I understand your perception of waste, this event is vital to the morale of the Knights of the 21st Space Wing. Our team members have pushed through deployment after deployment, they've adapted to an Air Force of fewer resources and more fiscal constraints. We, as leaders, have asked our youngest Airmen to be innovative, and they've found efficient and effective solutions equal to that of cooperate executives. It's important as leaders we also allow them time to relieve stress and build team cohesiveness through events like sports and field day.
We ask a lot of our military, including our Department of Defense civilians. I ask for your support as we work toward solutions while taking care of our members' mental, physical, spiritual and social health.
However, I do understand the frustration when appointments aren't available. Whenever medical appointments are unavailable due to exercises, training or lack of openings, individuals needing urgent care for medical issues will receive referrals for off-base care.
The 21st Medical Group was closed until 1 p.m. June 26 for mandatory training. The training ensured the medical staff are compliant with patient care polices and are providing the best care possible.
Once the determination was made to cancel sports and field day, the 21st MDG took immediate actions to open appointments. However, as parts of the U.S. Air Force Academy were evacuated for the Waldo Canyon fire, the medical staff on Peterson was charged with providing services to patients normally assigned to the 10th MDG on the Academy through July 2. Naturally, this may have caused some delays, but we were proud to provide care to those in need during such a devastating event.
I am confident the 21st MDG group will continue to provide first-rate care even with participation in base events. Beneficiaries needing urgent care during times of low staff numbers can call 524-CARE for a referral to the network of off-base care facilities.
I assure you the care of our patients is our first priority.
Thank you again for bringing your concerns to my attention.

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