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Posted 10/30/2015 Printable Fact Sheet

We prepare personnel for the human factor challenges inherent to military operations with the goal of increasing overall readiness and mission effectiveness.  Our mission is two-fold:
1. Aerospace & Operational Physiology Training - Train aircrew, high-altitude parachutists and Air Force Academy/ROTC cadets on the human factor and physiological threats of modern aviation.
2. Aerospace & Operational Physiology Training Team (AOPTT) - Integrate human performance optimization training and education into Team Pete operations.  The goal of the team is to assist personnel in identifying, eliminating and reducing hazards; increasing work performance and reducing mishaps.

Hours of Operation
Mondays - Fridays: 6:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Closed on federal holidays, AFSPC and 21st SW down days

Contact Us
DSN 834-4185 or Commercial (719) 556-4185
FAX: DSN 834-7651 or commercial (719) 556-7651

799 Vincent St., building 425
Peterson AFB, Colo. 80914
(directly behind the base pool and bowling alley, next to the running track)

AP courses have been built to group aircrew and parachutists into common aircraft platforms. 

Initial Physiological Training
Personnel can accomplish initial physiological training as part of their undergraduate flying training, flying specialty, or AFSC-granting formal training program.  This course is designed for personnel who have never completed AP training. 
o Initial:  Rated officer aircrew, career enlisted aircrew, non-rated aircrew, etc.
o Initial HAP:  parachutists

Refresher Physiological Training
Refresher course categories are grouped based upon common aircraft characteristics. All refresher training will emphasize aircraft-specific oxygen equipment re-familiarization and emergency procedures.
o Track A (formerly Trainer, Attack, Reconnaissance, Fighter - TARF): For aircrew who fly in ejection seat-equipped aircraft such as trainer, bomber/attack, fighter or C4ISR, except for aircrew flying U-2
o Track T (formerly Tanker, Transport, Bomber - TTB): For aircrew who fly in tanker and transport aircraft and those manned C2ISR aircraft who do not fly with ejection seats.
o Track H (formerly Helicopter - HELO): For aircrew who fly in helicopters.
o Track J (formerly High Altitude Parachutist - HAP): For parachutists who have previously completed initial physiological training and are MFF qualified.
***  Proof of previous AP training is required for all refresher flights  ***

USAFA cadets and ROTC cadets may receive specialized initial physiology academics as long as time required and scheduling does not interfere with aircrew AP training.

Individuals must provide proof of appropriate medical clearance to be eligible for chamber flights.
· US and Foreign Military, Service Academy/ROTC Cadets or Midshipmen, or Government Service Civilians. Copy of any listed medical form indicating that a flying class I, II, or III physical has been completed using applicable regulatory guidance and containing an expiration date.
o DD Form 2992, Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Duty,
o AF Form 1042, Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty,
o DA (Army) Form 4186, Medical Recommendation for Flying Duty, or
o Naval Medical Form 6410/2, Clearance Notice (Aeromedical),
o Cadets may provide an AF Form 1042 or proof they are medically cleared for hypobaric chamber training within 12 months prior to AP training date.
o U.S. Coast Guard, Department of the Navy, and US Army personnel may present any of the forms previously listed.
o North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other foreign military personnel may use the local current base clearance or annual physical 1042 prepared by home station flight surgeons.
· Government contractors, non-DoD government civilians and non-government civilians (including DVs). Government contractors and non-government civilian personnel including DVs undergoing USAF physiological training may present a copy of current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Medical Certificate flying class I, II or III.

Schedule is subject to change. Please call to verify training dates.

January 2016
-4-5  Initial
-7  Track T
-12   Hap Initial
-14  Track J
-21  Track H
-25-26  Initial
-28  Track T

February 2016
-2  HAP Initial
-4  Track J
-8-9  Initial
-11  Track A
-23  HAP Initial
-25  Track T

March 2016
-3  Track H
-7-8  Initial
-10  Track T
-15  HAP Initial
-17  Track J
-21-22  Initial
-24  Track A
-31  Track T

April 2016
-5  HAP Initial
-7  Track J
-11-12  Initial
-14  Track H
-21  Track T
-26  HAP Initial

May 2016
-2-3  Initial
-5  Track A
-12  Track T
-17  HAP Initial
-18  Track J
-23-24  Initial

June 2016
-2  Track T
-6-7  Initial
-9  Track H
-14  HAP Initial
-16  Track J
-23  Track T
-27-28  Initial
-30  Track A

July 2016
-7  Track T
-11-12  Initial
-14  Track H
-19   HAP Initial
-21   Track J
-25-26   Initial
-28  Track T

August 2016
-4  Track A
-8-9 Initial
-11  Track T
-16  HAP Initial
-17  Track J
-25  Track H
-29-30  Initial

September 2016
-8  Track T
-12-13  Initial
-15  Track A
-20  HAP Initial
-22  Track J
-29  Track T

October 2016
-3-4  Initial
-6  Track H
-13  Track T
-18  HAP Initial
-20  Track J
-24-25  Initial
-27  Track A

November 2016
-3  Track T
-7-8  Initial
-15  HAP Initial
-17  Track J

December 2016
-1  Track T
-5-6  Initial
-8  Track A
-13  HAP Initial
-14  Track J
-15  Track H

Snow Delay/Base Closure
We follow the 21st Space Wing policy for snow delays and closures. If you are attending training during September to April, call (719) 556-SNOW or DSN 834-SNOW for possible changes to our schedule.
· During two-hour delays, training will start at 10 a.m.
· Training will be cancelled if the wing declares a base closure.
· We will contact you (or your scheduler) to arrange make-up training (next duty day if possible). Call DSN 834-4185 or (719) 556-4185 and leave a message with contact information.

To schedule training or additional information:
DSN 834-4185 or Comm (719) 556-4185
FAX: DSN 834-7651 or Comm (719) 556-7651

Mailing Address:
799 Vincent St., Building 425
Peterson AFB Colo., 80914-5140

Pikes Peak Lodge
Location: Building 1042
Phone: (719) 556-7851 or DSN: 834-7851
Toll Free:  888-AFLodge, ext. 738

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