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719-556-4154  |   801 Vincent St. Building 418


Official photos are by appointment only and available for official use as required by AFI as well as applications for promotion and special duty assignments for personnel stationed at PAFB.

Chain-of-command photo prints will be provided for leadership at the squadron-level and above (commander, deputy/vice commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant) as well as quarterly and annual award winners at the group-level and above.

Electronic copies of official photos will be emailed to all requestors. Requestors requiring a printed copy should confirm the size prior to their appointment and provide written justification of the requirement.

The Studio is only equipped to print  2x2, 4x6, 3x5, 5x7, or 8x10 (in.) glossy prints.


All studio appointments, must ensure their uniform is ready and serviceable before the appointment, if the uniform is not ready by the scheduled time, you will be forced to reschedule for another day and time. It is your responsibility to ensure your uniform, badges, ribbons, devices, and accessories meet or exceed your military service requirements, standards, or instructions.



We are located in building 418; our address is 801 Vincent Street (from North gate Peterson Rd.) follow road to the end (towards flight line) and make a right onto Hamilton Street then another right onto Vincent Street) the first building on your  right is Multimedia Center. If you have any further questions about your appointment, please contact the Command Information section at 556-4154.






Official Photo  |  Head & Shoulders or Full Length

Please arrive 15 minutes before appointment time.




Army DA Photo



All DA photo appointments will need to be scheduled via phone at 719-556-4153 by 21st Public Affairs Administrators.

If you have called and scheduled an Army DA photo, a copy of your orders showing Peterson AFB as your home installation is needed upon appt. arrival.

If you have scheduled an appt. via our setmore scheduling site, IT WILL BE VOIDED WITHOUT NOTICE!

Please arrive 15 minutes before appointment time

It is the responsibility of each Soldier to confirm that their photo information is correct. DAPMIS photographs will not be digitally or electronically altered in any way.  Stuffing, clips or otherwise changing or altering the appearance of the uniform to make it fit properly is PROHIBITED. (Taping Pockets, lapels and the front of the jacket is authorized --- Reference:  Army Regulation 640-30)

If you are in the National Guard or a Reservist, please bring a copy of your orders so we may verify the unit you are currently stationed at.


General Officer or Commander Photo

Call 719-556-4153 to schedule an appointment. 
Phone scheduling is required to allocate extra time to complete printing task and administrative responsibilities.  

Canadian Passport / Visa / IDs / Employment Auth. Cards Photos

Please arrive 15 minutes before appointment time

There can be no sunglasses or tinted eyewear (even when eyes are clearly visible), no hats, or head coverings unless worn daily for religious beliefs or medical reasons. Child photos must follow the same rules as standard passport photos. They must show your child's head and shoulders only. Hands must not appear in the photo. As a reminder, the background is white so please wear a civilian collared shirt (i.e. a polo shirt - solid red, blue or black) for the best photo possible. If you are scheduling for a family, please choose an hour appointment time, so we can have time to get all your photos taken and printed.



Please arrive 15 minutes before appointment time

When you are scheduling your appointment, please identify what J-Directorate (J1-J9) you fall under so we can setup the appropriate flags for your photo.