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To provide cutting edge Public Affairs support to affect greater understanding
and public trust of the 21st Space Wing’s mission.


AFSPC’s premier Public Affairs unit developing Public Affairs experts who deliver
innovative strategic communication that facilitates strong public trust and
understanding of the 21st Space Wing's mission and goals.



Peterson AFB Public Affairs

The 21st Space Wing Public Affairs staff is responsible for providing wing leadership with timely and effective public affairs guidance on unit and public issues. We develop communications strategies to build public trust and support through open and honest dialogue, to highlight the 21st SW, Peterson AFB, and the Air Force as a community partner and responsible steward of resources.

We also help Airmen understand their role in the overall mission, to provide avenues for feedback and recognize individual and team achievements.


Public Affairs Documentation Support

Photos, videos and graphics generated or acquired by Air Force members, employees, or contractors in conducting official duties are the property of the United States Air Force. Personal use of these materials for sale or any other reason not directly related to an official Air Force activity is prohibited. Use of personally-owned or self-help equipment requires users to adhere to operational security, historical archiving, information security guidelines. All images entering the public domain must be reviewed and cleared for release by the Public Affairs office.


Studio Photography

Call 719-556-4153 for appointments

-Official portraits are by appointment only and available for official use as required by AFI as well as applications for promotion and special duty assignments for personnel stationed at PAFB. Chain-of-command studio photography will be provided for leadership at the squadron-level and above (commander, deputy/vice commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant) as well as quarterly and annual award winners at the group-level and above. Electronic copies of official portraits will be emailed to all requestors. Requestors requiring a printed copy should confirm the size prior to their appointment and provide written justification of the requirement.

Please note: We can ONLY support personnel stationed at Peterson AFB. If you are requesting an Army DA photo we will require a copy of your orders at the time of your appointment showing Peterson as your installation.

The PA office is only equipped to print 2x2, 4x6, 3x5, 5x7, or 8x10 (in) glossy prints.

Requests for prints larger than 8 X 10 can be requested from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Document Services at unit expense.

- Official Passport photo support is only authorized for those applying for an official passport through the base passport office, tourist passport support is unauthorized.

- Visas photo support is only authorized for those that are traveling on military orders, tourist visa support is unauthorized.

- Deployment badges

- Isolated Personnel Report


The PA office is only funded and equipped to print official studio portraits that are to be used for official government purposes. No other printing services are available.

Prints cannot be provided as souvenirs, personal gifts, mementos, farewell gifts, used as décor on individual personal office walls or used as signage to advertise events. 


Submit official support requests to the 21 SW/PA email account at 21sw.pa@us.af.mil at least 10 duty days in advance; requests for support should be submitted with a completed Air Force Form 833. Advance notice provides PA the ability to ensure the necessary equipment and personnel are available. Failure to coordinate in advance will reduce the likelihood that the event can receive PA support. 


Hi-resolution digital imagery will be made available within one to five duty days for download from the PAFB Flickr page. Newsworthy or those events with high public interest will be posted to PAFB website, social media accounts or the base paper. Imagery will also be accessioned for historical archiving and is available on the Defense Video Imagery Distribution System website.


Each request for service will be reviewed to ensure that the request to be accomplished is legal, is for official purposes, and whether or not the request can be supported. Requests will not be accomplished if it violates Air Force policy, or it may infringe on copyright laws. It is everyone's responsibility to protect PA resources and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. The wing commander has ultimate authority to approve any work in question to be accomplished. <AFI 35-109>


Consumer-grade still and video equipment is available for self-help use on a first-come, first-served basis when the PA staff is already scheduled to support higher priority tasks. Self-help photo and video equipment is for official use only and can be signed out from the PA office 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. All images entering the public domain must be reviewed and cleared for release by the Public Affairs office.


If it is unclear whether your request is authorized, consult the 21 SW/PA office and or ultimately the base legal office for clarification when necessary.

IAW <AFI 35-109>, government-funded PA resources will not be used to:

(1) Provide souvenirs, personal gifts, mementos, or farewell gifts. Examples include booster club promotional items, group photos intended to commemorate events such as golf tournaments or recreational gatherings and sports team photos.

(2) Support or document farewell parties or social events unless certified as newsworthy or having historical significance by the base historian or chief of PA. When an event is determined to be historically significant, PA resources may be provided to meet official news and documentation requirements only.

(3) Create products used primarily for entertainment during farewell parties or social events.

(4) Provide décor for individual personal office walls. Products for organizational areas may be provided depicting relevant missions performed.

(5) Support FSS- or services generating revenue-sponsored recognition programs. Services activities are authorized support for Category A (Mission Sustaining) and Category B (Basic Community Support Activities). Category A programs are essential to the military mission and are authorized all support. Category B activities are closely related to Category A activities and are essentially community support programs. The PA office can furnish support to these activities as long as the activity does not generate revenue. For additional clarification of FSS activities, refer to <AFI 65-106>, Appropriated Fund Support of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation and Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities.

(6) Children/Minors:  When submitting a request to document children under age 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign a DD Form 2830, General Talent Release, or DD Form 2831, General Release Where Talent Fee or Other Remuneration or Recompense Accrues to the Participant, allowing use of the child’s image.

Authorized Support

Air Force resources such as personnel, equipment, facilities, funding, etc. are government property to be used solely for support to official Air Force organizations and their missions, DoD or other government agencies per current host-tenant support agreement, memorandum of agreement, or similar vehicle.

Prioritized Employment Plan. The 21 SW/PA office provides support according to the following system focused on the commander’s priorities, operational core tasks, urgency, mission impact, agencies supported, and resources available. This system helps control the flow of work and ensures all mission-critical needs are met. A detailed list of services and their associated priority level can be found below.

Priority 1 - Urgent: Work of an emergency or catastrophic nature with a short, time-sensitive period of informational value. Priority 1 requests take precedence over all other support. The normal lead-time is immediate.

Support to Priority 1 includes:

Photo or Video Documentation for: 

Aircraft accidents, Class A mishaps and accidents/incidents involving a fatality and investigation support/boards. (Refer to AF 91-series instructions for specific instructions)

Command post requirements: Base crises, man-made or natural disasters

Emergency Responder requirements: Fire department, security forces, Office of Special Investigations, or other federal agency contingencies

Significant damage to government property

Time-sensitive or perishable public affairs photography or videography required for news media release

Emergency war orders

Contingency operations

Inspector General activities

Coverage for intelligence collection

Any mission deemed urgent by the wing commander


Priority 2 - Critical: Work requests which are essential in direct support of the installation operational missions and which cannot be regularly scheduled in advance. Normal lead-time is 1 to 3 days. Although a minimum of 1-day lead-time is specified, any listed requirement below may be elevated to Priority 1 (immediate) as determined by the wing commander.

Support to Priority 2 includes:

Photo or Video Documentation for

Releases to news media and incidents involving injury, or impairment of operational capability

Ground safety

Maintenance, munitions and force protection

Wing readiness, situational awareness

Priority 3 - Essential (Scheduled basis): Work supporting operational mission and training requirements and programs of assigned and tenant units that is handled on a scheduled basis. Normal lead-time is 3 to 5 days, or less, depending upon resource availability.

Please contact our office regarding coverage for your event. We bring several capabilities and work with you on the best way to capture and event to include photo, live broadcasting and video recordings.

Support to Priority 3 includes:

Photo, Video/Broadcasting Documentation for

Official conferences or meetings

Community Engagement programs

Commander’s mission briefings

Formal training

Distinguished Visitor events

Documentation of Official Ceremonies

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NCOA graduation class 18-5
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CMAFS DELAYED REPORTING: no earlier than 9:00 a.m. on 21 May 2019. https://t.co/izK6xetAZi https://t.co/kwOynrsxXt
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