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721st Mission Support Group Test Control Division

The 721st Test Control Division is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of all Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment (ITW/AA) data by establishing controlled worldwide test and exercise environments, preventing the processing and/or transmission of potentially misleading non-real ITW/AA data from impacting real-world operations. 

The Test Control Division directs and controls the safe test and exercise configurations of all ITW/AA Systems for their customers including the President, Secretary of Defense, NORAD, USSTRATCOM, USNORTHCOM, AFSPC, and strategic and theater commanders. The ITW/AA Mission impacts an extensive worldwide network of sensor sites, forward users and data processing sites responsible for missile warning, NUDET detection, air defense, space surveillance and space defense. 

Additionally, the Test Control Division controls and directs all supporting agencies necessary to provide resources and personnel required for safe and successful testing.