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  • Peterson Air Force Base History

    Peterson AFB traces its roots to the early years of World War II. Colorado Springs Army Air Base was established on 28 April 1942 at the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, which had served the city since 1926. The base’s first mission was photographic reconnaissance training under the auspices of the US Army Air Forces Photo Reconnaissance
  • Pave PAWS FAQs

    The Pave Phased Array Warning System is an Air Force Radar system designed to guard North America against sea-launched and intercontinental ballistic missiles.The Pave PAWS radar uses small active antenna elements coordinated by two computers; one computer is on-line at all times, while the second automatically takes control if the first fails. The
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Pave PAWS Radar

PAVE PAWS is an Air Force Space Command radar system operated by three 21st Space Wing squadrons for missile warning and space surveillance. PAVE PAWS radars are located at Cape Cod Air Force Station, Mass., Beale Air Force Base, Calif., and Clear AFS, Alaska. Read full Pave PAWS factsheet Click here for more information.



The AN/FPS-85 Phased Array Space Surveillance Radar provides space situational awareness for U.S. Strategic Command's space control mission area. It is one of 29 sensors that comprise the global Space Surveillance Network (SSN), and is the only phased array radar dedicated to space surveillance. Read the full AN/FPS-85 fact sheet Click here for more information.



Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System, or GEODSS, plays a vital role in tracking deep space objects.
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