• 18th SPCS stands guard over space

    The Air Force relies on Airmen around the globe to monitor space, and maintain the Air Force presence in space.“Space superiority isn’t a birthright. It must be secured and preserved,” Lt. Gen. David Buck, former 14th Air Force commander, said at the Air Force Research Laboratory space situational awareness conference Sept. 18, 2017. “This requires
  • Nutrition care easily accessible via telehealth appointments

    The U.S. Air Force Medical Service is working to increase access to high level nutrition care using tele-medical nutrition therapy.
  • C-Band (Holt) Radar: One year on

    No. 1 Remote Sensor Unit has marked a significant milestone for U.S. Air Force – tracking a tiny Australian Satellite known as Buccaneer in orbit.
  • Radar sustainment team earns top honors

    HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass -- The Office of the Secretary of Defense singled out the COBRA DANE System Sustainment Team at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, for an award for maintaining, sustaining and repairing the stationary COBRA DANE radar. The team won the 2017 Secretary of Defense Performance Based Logistics Award at the system level.
  • Black history comes to life at Peterson

    February is Black History Month and every year Airmen recognize the historical contributions that Black Americans have made in every endeavor throughout American history. This year volunteers brought historical figures back to life with a musical production.
  • First sergeants: Airmen first, mission second

    Instead of waiting for a signal to appear in the sky, first sergeants at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, are just one text or phone call away from helping their Airmen.
  • Advancements in telehealth improve access to healthcare

    The Air Force offers a wide and expanding range of telehealth services giving patients the opportunity to receive more efficient, convenient, and patient-centered care.
  • Successful tele-genetics pilot makes genetic counseling easily accessible

    A new telehealth program is expanding access to expert genetic counseling by making it available remotely, connecting families with trained genetic specialists who can help interpret their results.
  • Guardians of knowledge

    Librarians are more than a person with a creaky cart full of books. A substantial education is required in their field, which itself is full of variety. From academics to archives, being a librarian at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, entails much more than book placement and checkout procedures.