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  • Followership – The Cornerstone of Airmanship

    The Air Force requires its chiefs to lead and develop our enlisted force, mentor junior officers, and advise commanders and directors at all levels, we can never lose sight of our responsibility to exemplify the qualities of followership.
  • The Hurricane Seat

    After a flight which left my cheeks numb and sinuses cleared, I reflected on the meaning of an unsuspected ride in the hurricane seat. I strongly believe life lessons present themselves in unexpected ways. Here is what I learned from sitting in my little torture seat for nearly an hour.
  • Law enforcement initiatives in the Front Range

    In a world of limited resources, fiscal constraints and reduced manpower, most every mission in the Air Force is feeling the pressure of doing more with less. Even as the force continually explores ways to reduce non-essential workload, a point is reached were core capabilities are being tested across our enterprise. Security Forces is no
  • Our nation needs every one of you

    Airmen of AFSPC,I am deeply saddened by yet another Air Force suicide, this one in our own command. Tragically, this is our fourth suicide in AFSPC over the last two years, and I am left asking what more we could have done to prevent this loss. As the Senior Airman in this command, I am informed of every suicide in the Air Force. The sad truth is
  • Dental Technology in the New Dental Clinic

    There is a multitude of equipment in every dental clinic. It’s this equipment, as well as advances in dental procedures, which allow your dentist to provide you with the highest quality oral health care. With today’s technologies, dentists are equipped to manage your dental health, all while ensuring your safety and comfort. Some of the new
  • Travel, an Air Force Immeasurable Benefit

    Abraham Lincoln once said, “In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” A very true statement by one of our countries greatest presidents, and the Air Force can put “life in your years” if you grab the opportunities when they come your way.I went home to California recently, and had a good conversation with
  • Making Space Operators into Space Warriors

    You’re sitting on shift and the power goes out. What do you do? Do you A) Wait for it to come back up, and then take no further action; B) Report it to a technician, upon return of power take no further action; C) Report it to a technician as well as Security Forces requesting them to investigate, and upon return request the technician provide all
  • First Year in Command

    In June 2015, I had the privilege of taking command of the Air Force's most geographically separated wing, the 21st Space Wing. From day one, Airmen, civilians, and contractors of the 21st SW continued to drive excellence and innovation in the Air Force’s premier space superiority mission. I’m humbled at the opportunity to lead and serve these Airmen on a daily basis.
  • Safety Office here to serve the community

    When I was first notified of my assignment as the chief of safety for the 21st Space Wing, I’ll admit, I had some mixed feelings. Coming from the Pentagon, I was excited to get back to the Wing, especially the premier wing in AFSPC. But honestly, I had no idea what a chief of safety’s job was. And worse, I had no real understanding of what the
  • Be a good emissaries to the public we defend

    I work on top of a volcano in Maui, Hawaii. To clarify, it is a dormant volcano but its always fun to tell people where my office is. On a good day, it takes me a little under two hours to make the ascent from sea level to the summit at 10,023 feet. During the 47-mile drive, I have to negotiate 36 hairpin turns, bicyclists, skateboarders, hundreds