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  • Where were you on 9/11?

    It was a normal school day in Great Falls, Montana. My younger sister, Danielle, and I were barely awake, brushing our teeth, when we heard Mom scream in shock in the next room.Danielle and I, with our tooth brushes hanging out of our mouths, watched the news trying to comprehend if it was real. Why would this happen? Why all of those people? Just
  • Becoming Sensors: How Will You Respond?

    Sensors are prevalent in modern day technology. Many Air Force systems are equipped with sensors that detect or measure a certain property in another object. Those sensors then record and respond to the object based on the input received.Imagine arriving at work on a typical day. The "good mornings" flow as usual except for one; it's not the usual
  • How to ensure proper use of government resources

    It may appear that the rules governing the use of government resources are straight-forward and easy to follow but every one of these rules has been violated in almost every conceivable way. For example, an Air Force JAG official once directed temporary duty travelers to stay at a local hotel even though housing was available on base at a much
  • Bold leaders make the mission happen

    Just this week, we witnessed the New Horizons spacecraft approach the planet Pluto. What's that? Of course it is a planet. Regardless of what you call it, the world got its first look at this majestic celestial body that orbits the Sun 4.67 billion miles from Earth.  How did we get there?  One word - leadership.Space, by its dark, cold and massive
  • Balance key to goal accomplishment

    Being a member of the world's greatest Air Force has taught me that we are always striving to improve ourselves: promotion, fitness, awards, decorations, education, assignments, deployments, and more. We have all attained or strived to attain the things I've listed and they are all great things to accomplish.These ideas all start in ones' mind with
  • Own it

    As the new 21st Operations Group commander, my most enjoyable duty is to travel with Chief Master Sgt. Brad Smith to the corners of this globe and visit those who are performing duties few in the society we defend can fathom.I'm proud to report that our Airmen of the 21st Space Wing -- military, civilians, allies, and contractors alike -- exude
  • Next person up: Why mentoring should be part of our DNA as Airmen

    Between 2007 and 2009, I was honored to serve as the ops officer and commander of an Air Support Operations Squadron charged with providing tactical air control parties to control close air support for ground forces, both in garrison and in Iraq. As you can imagine, as a career space officer, I learned a lot from this experience. One valuable
  • Let’s do this 21 SW

    Knights of the 21st Space Wing, thank you for the incredible welcome you extended to me and my family.  Everyone from the security forces Airman at the gate on my first entry onto base, to the lodging staff, the housing staff, my in-processing, the medical clinic, the communications team, the incredible change of command ceremony and finally The
  • Simple steps to being more effective

    Our Air Force and the world seem to be in a constant state of commotion right now. Significant events are happening all around us at a rate that can cause even the strongest individuals to experience uncertainty. It's easy to get distracted from our primary objectives, so to that end I share with you seven steps that if followed, can help you be
  • A Most Excellent Adventure!

    Life is short! And the last two years of my life, in command of the 21st Space Wing, have been the shortest on record! Well, at least it seems that way. This Friday I will hand over the flag to the next commander of the 21st Space Wing. And it's all too soon...To all the Knights of the 21st - I've been honored to serve with you over these past two