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  • Next person up: Why mentoring should be part of our DNA as Airmen

    Between 2007 and 2009, I was honored to serve as the ops officer and commander of an Air Support Operations Squadron charged with providing tactical air control parties to control close air support for ground forces, both in garrison and in Iraq. As you can imagine, as a career space officer, I learned a lot from this experience. One valuable
  • Let’s do this 21 SW

    Knights of the 21st Space Wing, thank you for the incredible welcome you extended to me and my family.  Everyone from the security forces Airman at the gate on my first entry onto base, to the lodging staff, the housing staff, my in-processing, the medical clinic, the communications team, the incredible change of command ceremony and finally The
  • Simple steps to being more effective

    Our Air Force and the world seem to be in a constant state of commotion right now. Significant events are happening all around us at a rate that can cause even the strongest individuals to experience uncertainty. It's easy to get distracted from our primary objectives, so to that end I share with you seven steps that if followed, can help you be
  • A Most Excellent Adventure!

    Life is short! And the last two years of my life, in command of the 21st Space Wing, have been the shortest on record! Well, at least it seems that way. This Friday I will hand over the flag to the next commander of the 21st Space Wing. And it's all too soon...To all the Knights of the 21st - I've been honored to serve with you over these past two
  • I believe

    Several months ago, I was in a class that was studying early creeds. One of the many things that stayed with me from this class was where the modern word "creed" is derived from.The word creed actually originated from the Latin word credo, which means "I believe." When I heard this, my mind immediately began to apply this "I believe" criterion to
  • Spring time for growth, transformation

    As a Florida native, I can't wait for spring each year.....a time to pull out the summer wardrobe and ski without all those layers. I also love the opportunity to hike with the spring flowers.Seeing the new buds on the trees, I'm reminded how these plants can resemble our own story. For months I ran by those same trees, thinking they looked dead.
  • Service before self

    With Memorial Day only a few days away, it seems appropriate to talk about "service before self," the most misunderstood Air Force value.I was already on active duty when the Air Force created the core values. At that time, many of us thought, "Well, it's official now, the Air Force is more important than my family or me."This year marks the 20th
  • Know your part, do your part

    It's already in the human psyche, so no one needs to learn this anew. But everyone needs to be reminded. From a leadership perspective it's important to capture lessons in a format that people are able to easily remember.For all things relating to sexual harassment and the potential of escalation to sexual violence in the workplace it's about
  • What’s a leader without a follower

    "He's not leadership material...he's just a follower." Have you ever heard or spoke words like that about someone before? They were assuredly meant as a put down and a sign that the person was not cut from the right cloth to serve in our military.As part of our warrior ethos, we study leadership continuously throughout our careers and hold its
  • Leading your people across the river without drowning yourself

    Leading an organization through a project or crisis can be a lot like leading a group of people across a river. A good leader is worried about the size of the river, strength of the current, temperature of the water and the skillset of the people that have to get across. That's a lot to keep track of. So much so that some leaders forget that they