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  • Be a good emissaries to the public we defend

    I work on top of a volcano in Maui, Hawaii. To clarify, it is a dormant volcano but its always fun to tell people where my office is. On a good day, it takes me a little under two hours to make the ascent from sea level to the summit at 10,023 feet. During the 47-mile drive, I have to negotiate 36 hairpin turns, bicyclists, skateboarders, hundreds
  • Service Before Self

    With Memorial Day only a few days past, it seems appropriate to talk about “service before self,” the most misunderstood Air Force Value. I was already on active duty when the Air Force created the Core Values. At that time, many of us thought, “Well, it’s official now, the Air Force is more important than my family or me.”This year marks the 21st
  • Embrace the opportunity to serve our country

    My grandfather served in World War II. He received his draft notice on the exact day my mother was born. He was shipped to Fort Carson, then overseas to fight in the war in France. I grew up with his stories of traveling from town to town, hiding out from the enemy in a farmer’s barn, and his missions as the communications NCO. My grandfather
  • Memorial Day 2016

    In my first Commander’s Call I talked about how we are all a part of an organization, a family really, where we all would lay down our life to protect each other. The spirit of that statement embodies the spirit of Memorial Day: the sacrifice of individual life for the benefit of fellow citizens and brothers and sisters in arms. Every day I am
  • Customer Service ABCs

    Regardless of our mission, specialty or rank we all provide some form of support, and our ability to deliver unrivaled customer service is fundamental in achieving any Department of Defense objective.The quality of an organization's service is one of the most researched, prioritized and sought after values of any successful corporation. Legendary
  • Do you “Carpe diem” or do you “Dream for tomorrow?"

    You may have heard the Latin phrase "Carpe diem!" It means "Seize the day!" It is an expression used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little or no thought to the future. Although the "Carpe diem" mindset has its place and application in life, one could argue that it is not compatible with military life and, more
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month: #NotJustApril

    Working in the field of sexual assault prevention and response, it's presumable that I think about the subject more frequently than the average person. As such, my children have been subjected to a plethora of discussions regarding risk reduction and effective bystander intervention...far too many "lectures" if you ask them. In fact, before my
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    In our busy society, people don't always take time to articulate what they expect from their leaders; but they certainly know a good leader (and a less-than-optimal leader) when they work for them. As the newest Squadron Commander in the 21st Space Wing, I have taken a moment to think back over my years at good, bad, and ugly examples of leaders to
  • Focus on Wildfire Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Community

    Did you know Smokey Bear is turning 72 years old this year and has over 330,000 friends on Facebook and more than 24,000 people following him on Twitter?Yes, the fictional character and his long-running ad campaign to create awareness about preventing wildfires is still going strong. Most of us remember his original signature line "Only You Can
  • Be a piece of the puzzle

    There are more than 4,000 personnel assigned to the 21st Space Wing executing global capabilities in defense of our homeland while securing the space domain for our nation and its allies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lucky for me, as a public affairs officer, I have the best seat in the Air Force's premier space wing watching men and women,