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  • Role of the first sergeant

    I have been in command for a very short period of time, but in this short period I have realized the absolute importance of the first sergeant to the well being of the squadron.The day after I started running the squadron I was in the shirt's office asking questions, and there have been very few days gone by that I haven't called, emailed or talked
  • Six seconds

    In May of 1995, then Secretary of the Air Force, Sheila Widnall, and Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Ronald Fogleman, formalized the Air Force core values in a joint policy letter.Today everyone in the Air Force knows Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do are the common ties to which we are all bound. While May of
  • Reflect on influence Native Americans have had on military, country

    Most of us relate to fall with the changing of the leaves, football Sunday's and the air getting just a bit crisper outside but for those who may not know, November serves as an important time for our great nation as we celebrate National Native American Heritage Month.As we prepare to spend time with our families this month it is important to
  • Be a courageous Wingman

    In the 27 years I've been a part of the Air Force, I've unfortunately seen many friends, co-workers, and subordinates make criminal mistakes that damaged their own careers and sometimes the lives of others. In each of those cases, I would think, "Did that person have a wingman and if so, what was that wingman doing?"The term "wingman" is used so
  • Develop personal leadership style

    This is for all you aspiring leaders out there....for all of us. You are not Gen. George Patton. You are not Gen. Colin Powell. You are you and you have your own leadership style. Be yourself. Develop your personal leadership style. Consider the following as you do so.Have you established your own personal touchstone -- something to weigh decisions
  • Leadership: It’s not about you, it’s up to you

    From almost the first minute we enter the Air Force, we're told to be leaders, to demonstrate leadership, to strive to be better leaders. While leadership practice and study is not exclusive to the military, we do have a unique perspective on what it means to be a leader.I was reminded of this recently when a civilian colleague of mine
  • Not perfect: Just a 'perfect effort' every day

    During a hard-fought game, the team came back to the huddle, some more bruised than others, to decide on the next play. The fourth down play went to our solid running back and he, with the support from the entire offensive team, scored the touchdown.Later, we found out he had broken three ribs during the previous play and didn't tell anyone. He was
  • My choice, my story, my pledge

    As we prepare to kick-off this year's Combined Federal Campaign, think about the local charities and the services they provide. Think of the families who utilize those services. My family was one of them.My father was diagnosed with cancer when I was in junior high school. As a child it was hard to watch my hero wrecked by such a devastating
  • Physical fitness and its importance to the Airman

    Physical fitness is an integral part of the Air Force culture and most Airmen understand their physical fitness requirements. While many Airmen implement an exercise program to help meet their fitness requirements, it is sometimes motivated primarily to avoid negative consequences.The fear of failed PT tests with the resulting disciplinary actions
  • The journey to forgiveness is a worthwhile path

    In a comedy sketch, Bill Cosby tells a story where his daughter did something she knew she wasn't supposed to do--when he confronted the child, "why did you do that?" the child answered, "I don't know!"  It's not just children.  Author Donald Antrim wrote, "Human beings in stressful relationships will frequently behave in ways that contradict or