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  • Ebb and flow of a military career

    When I was a young lieutenant stationed at Elmendorf, I learned a lot about tides from some of our old hat civilians in the squadron. Being from Wisconsin, I hadn't had much experience with the ocean and my knowledge level showed itself on several occasions when I found myself sloshing through exposed glacial silt that hadn't been there 30 minutes
  • Thank you -- for now

    Capt. Thomas Hammill was a Green Beret who served in Vietnam and Cambodia. I knew him as an uncle and hero. However, society had a different perception of him and the rest of the men and women that fought in Vietnam. Vietnam Veterans returned to America and found protests, hate, and labels such as "baby killer." Thankfully, those days are over. But
  • Experience key to tackling challenges

    A common theme across the Air Force today is efficiency. We are consistently trying to improve operations while saving money and manpower while maintaining our role as the world's greatest Air Force. Throughout the past year, I have had the privilege of working on an efficiency that has never happened in the Air Force - consolidating three
  • What I learned in command

    On June 2, I will hand over command of the 21st Mission Support Group after two eventful years filled with highs, lows and everything in between. When I took command I was like a lot of new commanders - impressed with my newfound importance and a little full of myself. I was sure I would be the one doling out wisdom, but what I quickly realized is
  • Answering the task

    Taking charge of a special project can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. Like any new skill, there seem to be challenges on all sides, and whether they're based on inexperience, or a genuinely complex task, those distractions break your concentration. Fear not, because everything you need to learn about being an action officer,
  • Don’t blink

    Greetings fellow Knights! For you music fans out there, the lyrics and insight behind Kenny Chesney's song, "Don't Blink" was my inspiration in writing this commentary -- I've even borrowed a few of his words to help me tie it together.As my three-year tenure at the helm of your 21st Medical Group winds down and I near retirement this year, my
  • Evolution

    After 18 years in the Air Force, conversations with peers sometimes steer toward the topic of "the good old days." During these conversations, we reminisce about Friday nights at the packed base club, crud tournaments and Guardian Challenge events. I don't know exactly when it happened but I have become one of the "old guys" who still brags about
  • Thanks for the support

    You may already know that some of the C-21s seen flying around Peterson AFB are a tenant to the 21st Space Wing. The 311th Airlift Squadron has belonged to the 375th Air Mobility Wing at Scott AFB since 2005. But what you may not know is the rich history of C-21 flight operations at Peterson AFB started in 1984 and the paths of the squadron flying
  • It’s all about 'accountability'

    Accountability is a word that we in the Air Force have been hearing a lot lately. We are assured that our leaders intend to hold offenders "accountable" for their criminal behavior in the wake of a rise in sexual assault reporting across the service. Additionally, the cheating allegations at Malmstrom Air Force Base remind us all how critical
  • The four Cs

    Units are made up of hundreds of thousands of interpersonal interactions daily. When new members arrive to our unit we discuss four important Cs: competency, compassion, courage and communication. These are important to any unit and to any interpersonal interaction.Competency in what you do is essential. Your level of competency grows with