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  • ‘Tis the season for winter safety tips

    As the leaves begin to fall and the sun sets on summer, it is important to get prepared for the coming winter months. Whether you and your family will be staying at home relaxing in front of a cozy fire, enjoying the outdoors, or taking a trip to visit family and friends it is important to be prepared, be safe, and use sound judgment. Here are a
  • Seizing moments can make, break career

    On Jan. 4, 2014, I will celebrate the completion of my 20th year in the Air Force. To say it has been the career I dreamed of on that fateful day in January 1994 when I stepped off the bus at basic training would be far from the truth. After 20 years of doing something, you may find yourself in a position of contemplation and review. Since the
  • What's your Carthage?

    I admire dogged determination. The ability to see something through to completion, no matter how difficult, no matter how long it takes, is an admirable trait. History offers plenty of examples of individuals who demonstrate persistence, but my favorite is Marcus Porcius Cato, or Cato the Elder.A senator of Rome, Cato's entire life, since his birth
  • To support and defend

    "To Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic." To those serving our armed forces, those words mean everything. They are in the oath of office and oath of enlistment and have great importance to each and every one of us serving. But they are more than just words we say in our respective
  • Community counts

    The results of last night's "Rock Band" video game competition...The new coffee machine at the base community center...How loved ones back home are doing taking care of sick children...Encouraging a fellow Airman to complete their associate's degree before PCSing...These were just a few of the topics discussed on a recent Saturday morning at Thule
  • Are you a Nero, Zero or Hero?

    Questions and stories are powerful ways to convey messages. I still remember my high school principal, Wayne Hines, asking our entering freshman class, "Are you a Nero, Zero or Hero?" and explaining its meaning. On a normal bell curve, from left to right, fall Nero, Zero and Hero. For Nero, think class bully. Based on the Roman emperor who burnt
  • Identifying the domestic enemy

    As members of the military, we have all taken an oath of service. For officers it is the Oath of Office and for enlisted personnel it is the Oath of Enlistment. Although the titles are different, there is an identical statement in both that sparked my curiosity one day: "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,
  • It is never too late

    Recently, I found out one of the 21st Space Wing members that I most admire had decided to return to school in pursuit of a bachelor's degree. This is a man who doesn't need to continue his education - he has already completed one incredible career, retiring as a highly respected chief master sergeant, and he is currently excelling in a second
  • Successful leadership demands responsibility

    Gen. Curtis E. LeMay once said that if he had to come up with one word to define leadership, it would be "responsibility." We have seen many examples of leaders taking responsibility in the Air Force during our 65 year history. Some of the most recent examples have dealt with our senior leadership taking responsibility in the nuclear enterprise,
  • Teamprovementude: How we can improve our units in spite of fiscal challenges

    We've all heard the age-old anecdotes that "money doesn't buy happiness" and "no matter what, they can't take away our pride." I submit during these days of diminishing budgets and resources, the tried sayings ring true. In fact, during these trying times, we actually can improve our units in spite of the fiscal challenges. According to Chief of