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  • Welcoming home a fallen Soldier

    It was a day that would be described as not out of the ordinary for an August morning at Peterson Air Force Base. Pikes Peak stood boldly in the back drop as she normally does, looking majestically down on Colorado Springs as the bright sun warmed the morning skies. People went about their business on the base, contractors worked busily on the west
  • Combat action medal recipients epitomize Warrior Ethos

    At 9 a.m. Friday on the Peterson parade field, Maj. Gen. Thomas Deppe, Air Force Space Command vice commander, will retire after 42 years of service to our nation. General Deppe started as an enlisted Airman and served 12 years rising to the rank of technical sergeant before earning his commission in 1977. After earning his commission, he spent
  • Air Force spouses are heart of ‘Team Pete’

    Air Force spouses play a critical role in the success and achievements of the Air Force. They support Peterson Airmen by keeping the home fires burning during deployments or during long hours of exercises, which increases Air Force ability to effectively respond in crises and maintain national security. When Airmen know that they have this support,
  • Commander prepares to bid farewell to 'best wing in AF'

    We say 'the sun never sets on the 21st Space Wing' and this past week has certainly proved it true, with a host of activities happening around the wing. On Friday the Peterson Air and Space Museum did a fantastic job with their concert in the park, and my thanks go out to Gail Whalen and Jeff Nash from the museum and all the volunteers for making
  • Houston, we have a problem – high risk, unsafe driving practices

    "Houston, we have a problem," is a famous quote by James Lovell, a member of NASA's space mission Apollo 13 crew. He used this phrase to report a major technical problem to Houston Control. In reality, he said, "Houston, we've had a problem." With the assistance of some dedicated engineers they were able to overcome the problem and return to earth
  • Warfit vital part of readiness role

    Tuesday I held my last commander's call at the auditorium. I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication and professionalism during my time here as commander. You have achieved many great things over the past two years and will achieve many more in the years to come. There is not enough time in a commander's call to cover all the
  • Developing, deploying Warrior Airmen

    The 21st Logistics Readiness Squadron takes the 21st Space Wing's Mission of "Developing and Deploying Warrior Airmen" to heart by providing training not only to our own Airmen, but to Airmen who deploy from Cheyenne Mountain, Schriever, and the United States Air Force Academy. Deployment preparation is an important part of the warrior ethos that
  • Warrior Ethos - Warrior culture truly is our culture

    PCS season is in full swing, and if you are not PCSing, odds are that you know someone who is. This is a fact of life in the military, and as we see those new faces, make sure to welcome them to the Peterson team. Some of those new faces include Lt. Col. John Silverman, the 21st Force Support Squadron commander, Lt. Col. Arno Bischoff, the Civil
  • Tips for avoiding EO complaints, actions

    Six months ago I attended the "Examining Conflicts in Employment Law" conference in Chicago. As with most functions, I expected to find some productive sessions and a few that were just boring! In the name of time management, I wrote this while at a session similar to the latter. Anyway, if you are reading this article because the headline caught
  • Remain vigilant throughout critical days of summer

    As we approach the half way point for the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign we must continue to maintain our vigilance. In the last week alone, the Air Force suffered two fatalities - one Airman drowned while swimming, and another was ejected from his vehicle in a traffic accident. While losing a single Airman is one loss too many, losing Airmen