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  • Mentoring: an Airman’s perspective

    When I was fairly new to the Air Force, my first supervisor said, "Gus, you're going to the Self Aid Buddy Care instructor course." I wasn't too sure about that, but I got through it and now I've taught more than 200 security force members. Because of this experience, I not only have more confidence, but I'm much more apt to listen when I feel that
  • Wild weather reminder to be prepared

     We're off to a great start on the Operational Readiness and Unit Compliance inspections, and I have received positive comments from the inspectors on our professionalism and intense mission focus. Remember this is a month-long marathon, so pace yourselves and keep focused. From what I've seen we're doing a good job. Keep up the great work, I'm
  • What's so "core" about core values

    Words like character and core values get thrown around a lot in today's Air Force, but what do they really mean? What is the importance of character and what is so "core" about core values? As the 21st Space Wing and Air Force Space Command focus on character in the Year of Leadership month of April, I think these are important questions to
  • Credibility is foundation of leadership

    Character can be defined as simply as "who we are." Some common descriptive traits for character are honesty, integrity and dependability. In a nutshell, a person's character determines the decisions they will make on a consistent basis and how other people view those decisions in either a positive or negative light. Any of the traits used to
  • Stay focused on safety, attitude, professionalism during ORI

    The Air Force Space Command Inspector General team has arrived at the 21st Space Wing, and our Operational Readiness and Unit Compliance Inspections have officially begun. The inspectors have already completed examining several of the wing's GSUs, and also have begun inspecting many of our programs and processes here at Peterson. There is much to
  • ORI is our time to shine

    The big day is here tomorrow. The Air Force Space Command Inspector General team officially begins the Wing operational readiness and unit compliance inspections with an in brief here Friday. Technically, the inspection has already begun at some of our GSUs, but as of tomorrow, the IG will begin the inspection in earnest at the GSUs, followed by
  • Servicewomen progress from WW I to Present

    It is probably safe to assume that most woman, like myself, who join today's Air Force, do so without realizing that it wasn't always as easy; there were many challenges, and without the same opportunities than we are afforded today. I completed a course titled "Women in America since 1870" which opened my eyes to the struggles women underwent to
  • Cyberspace: we're only as strong as our weakest link.

    Air, Space, and Cyberspace. As Airmen, we conduct our mission in these domains every day but how many of us have actually fought in air and space? Every Air Force member, in some way, shape or form, utilize cyberspace to complete our mission. From cell phones to Personal Digital Assistants to computers, we fight in cyberspace multiple times each
  • Good mentorship fosters confidence, career growth

    I'm as average as you can get. I've never really been unusually good at any sport, I can't sing, I'm relatively shy in large groups and I never got the highest grades in school. Even my name blends into the plethora of individuals with the first name "Steve" or last name "Lewis," which is about 25 million if you Google it, but I'm a recipient of
  • Mentorship's impact life-long, felt throughout Air Force

    Mentors make a difference - you don't have to be a Yoda to a Luke Skywalker, you just have to make time and show you care. There are several ways mentors impact their protégées to include helping them achieve goals, avoid career and life mistakes, or simply help them achieve their full potential. Mentors also have an indirect impact on the Air