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  • ORI is our time to shine

    The big day is here tomorrow. The Air Force Space Command Inspector General team officially begins the Wing operational readiness and unit compliance inspections with an in brief here Friday. Technically, the inspection has already begun at some of our GSUs, but as of tomorrow, the IG will begin the inspection in earnest at the GSUs, followed by
  • Servicewomen progress from WW I to Present

    It is probably safe to assume that most woman, like myself, who join today's Air Force, do so without realizing that it wasn't always as easy; there were many challenges, and without the same opportunities than we are afforded today. I completed a course titled "Women in America since 1870" which opened my eyes to the struggles women underwent to
  • Cyberspace: we're only as strong as our weakest link.

    Air, Space, and Cyberspace. As Airmen, we conduct our mission in these domains every day but how many of us have actually fought in air and space? Every Air Force member, in some way, shape or form, utilize cyberspace to complete our mission. From cell phones to Personal Digital Assistants to computers, we fight in cyberspace multiple times each
  • Good mentorship fosters confidence, career growth

    I'm as average as you can get. I've never really been unusually good at any sport, I can't sing, I'm relatively shy in large groups and I never got the highest grades in school. Even my name blends into the plethora of individuals with the first name "Steve" or last name "Lewis," which is about 25 million if you Google it, but I'm a recipient of
  • Mentorship's impact life-long, felt throughout Air Force

    Mentors make a difference - you don't have to be a Yoda to a Luke Skywalker, you just have to make time and show you care. There are several ways mentors impact their protégées to include helping them achieve goals, avoid career and life mistakes, or simply help them achieve their full potential. Mentors also have an indirect impact on the Air
  • Mentorship success depends on you!

    Our success as Air Force mentors depends on a variety of aspects. In fact, I've personally found success or failure most often depends upon the skills of the mentor. Consider the following simple rules to better prepare us to for this important role. ·  It's Not About You! The primary focus of mentoring is on the individual being mentored; you
  • Knights: Charge into inspection

    There are only eight days until the wing begins its Operational Readiness and Unit Compliance Inspections, and I want to thank all the Knights for your hard work not only preparing for the inspections, but for your hard work and dedication to our mission. I've seen the many great products and improvements, and I appreciate your sacrifice in
  • Busy week for wing as inspection nears

    Another busy week is behind us as we work our way toward the upcoming operational readiness and unit compliance inspections. In about two weeks, we will begin these intensive inspections and I am confident that our warriors will "wow" the AFSPC IG team with our outstanding Airmen and our crisp processes and products. Also this week, Chief Omdal and
  • YOL: The power of mentorship

    Did you ever stop to think that you may have affected a person's life? Not many people realize they have this power and think that their actions and efforts don't make a difference in the world. I am always reminded about this power during the holiday season when I watch the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. That movie shows that
  • Improvements, activities create fast pace for Team Pete

    It's been an exciting and busy week for Peterson. Even though our calendars are quite full, thankfully we haven't had to contend with too much cold or snow. The weather has been fantastic over the last several days, so hopefully you have been able to get out and enjoy it. We have also hosted several great events and ceremonies over the last week,