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  • Condor Crest sharpens Airmen’s warrior skills

    Welcome back from a well-deserved holiday weekend. Our Condor Crest exercise had us all busy, and hopefully everyone had the chance to relax and return safely and rested as we launch into the final push toward our ORI and UCI. This exercise allowed the Wing to show how we provide unsurpassed installation support and protection, and allowed our
  • African-American Heritage Month kicks-off

    Americans of all races, colors and creeds joined with African Americans, Feb. 1, to begin the annual African-American Heritage Month celebration. I look forward to this month each year, mostly because it is the month my mother was born, but it also gives America a chance to celebrate the many accomplishments African-Americans have made to the rich
  • 21st SW and Team Pete celebrate their best of the best

    The 21 SW wrapped up our Condor Crest exercise today, and you all once again proved your mettle with excellent responses to all of the scenarios and exercises. Our wing evaluators and leadership have been working together to find those items they want to fine tune and perfect. This exercise is a good dress rehearsal for the upcoming Operational
  • 21st SW Airmen recognized at Wing, AFSPC levels

    Team Pete, another great week has passed and hopefully you were able to get out this past weekend and enjoy the sunshine with family and friends, either at SnoFest or locally. Remember that while we are enjoying the warm weather, many of our fellow Airmen around the world are working in extremely difficult conditions. Please keep them in your
  • Wing Recognizes Peterson Airmen, Programs; Heading to SnoFest ‘09

    One of the most rewarding and satisfying things I do as the 21st Space Wing commander is to recognize and congratulate superior performance and selfless acts, at the unit and individual level. I am blessed that our wing has many dedicated professionals and outstanding performers who are fulfilling our wing mission every single day in support of the
  • Team Pete offers professional development resources

    What exactly does the career assistance advisor do? What does the Professional Development Center provide? If you don't know the answer and/or haven't attended a course or seminar at the PDC, then you are missing out! The career assistance advisor provides information and education for the members of Team Peterson. Programs include career
  • General James visits, quarterly awards announced

    Once again, outstanding job Knights of the 21st Space Wing! You truly outdid yourselves as we hosted our new 14th Air Force commander, Lt. Gen. Larry James and his wife, Susan this past Tuesday - both were very impressed with our Airmen and how we conduct our mission. Although it was only a one-day visit with the 21 SW, we were able to show them
  • Back from Thule and ready for distinguished visits, happy Martin Luther King remembrance day

    Last week, Chief Omdal and I returned from a great visit with the men and women of our Contracting Detachment at Copenhagen, Denmark; and the 821st Air Base Group (ABG) and 12th Space Warning Squadron (SWS) at Thule Air Base, Greenland. Up there at this time of year, it is perpetually dark with sub-zero temperatures. Our troops in those locations
  • Excellence In All We Do

    Over the last decade Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps have risen to the pinnacle of their respective sports. Armstrong captured seven consecutive Tour de France titles while Michael Phelps captured 14 gold medals over the past two Olympics. Clearly, these two individuals embody the concept of "excellence," and their efforts in pursuit of this
  • Happy New Year; Now Let’s Get to Work

    Happy New Year and welcome back from an enjoyable and safe holiday season. I want to personally thank each of you for keeping safe over the holiday season collectively we made it through without incident. Mollie and I hope each of you had an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends to reflect on past achievements and get