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  • The importance of service before self

    Most people never hear the impact they have made in other people's lives. We are fortunate, as military members, to receive accolades constantly. We walk around our communities dressed in our uniforms, and people express gratitude for what we do. Have you ever wondered what we represent to them? I believe, if you asked them, some of their responses
  • Team Pete Excellence

    This past week has been a great one to kick off the Year of Leadership's Core Values month. This article is all about Excellence. On Wednesday, we held our 3rd Quarter Awards Luncheon at the Peterson Club to honor the wing's nominees and quarterly winners. The luncheon and awards ceremony highlighted the very best from the quarter in terms of
  • Peterson Fire Department an excellent host; new honor guard facility opens

    Well here we are, the last week of October and with the colder mornings, winter seems to be upon us finally. Time to break out the heavy coats and skis. Peterson had a great summer, and I am happy to see that our base personnel and families are following good operational risk management and are utilizing the Wingman concept. On Oct. 27, Chief
  • The Military Salute: Tradition, Respect, and Trust

    This is not just a job. The military is a way of life, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The first question you should ask yourself everyday: "Why did I join the U.S. military?" Your answer should drive you to want to be better than what you did yesterday. I joined to get the same sense of pride my father showed during his 20 years of active duty in
  • Wing exercises emergency response ability, pours foundation for housing development

    This week, we again evaluated our wing's ability to successfully accomplish deployment operations, administer and employ emergency management, and sustain unit compliance through unsurpassed installation support. Condor Crest 09-01 was a four day exercise designed to evaluate our wing's Commander's Support Staff and Emergency Operations Center, and
  • Leadership gives vector to company grade officers

    "'What do I do now?' said the Lt." This is a sentiment that many new company grade officers are familiar with, either through personal experience or from looking around at the water cooler. On Oct. 7, looking around, looking up, looking back and looking inside took on a whole new meaning at the 21st Space Wing's CGO call. CGOs from all over the
  • Wingman Day Success Exemplifies “Airmen Helping Airmen”

    Oct. 10, was our annual Wingman Day at the 21st Space Wing, and from the motivation and camaraderie I saw from our Knights, it was a rousing success. As I mentioned to you at the "Amazing Wingman Race," being a good Wingman is systematic to being a good Airman. To that end, since 2004 the Air Force has set aside a day to emphasize and reiterate our
  • Leadership, discipline: everyone’s responsibility

    Recently, as I was heading to wing physical training, a young senior airman who I have known for some time pulled me aside and said, "See that girl over there?" He pointed to a female in PT gear and asked, "Shouldn't she have her shirt tucked in?". "Yep," I responded. "She should definitely have her shirt tucked in. What are you going to do about
  • Team Pete pays tribute to a fallen hero

    Last week, Team Peterson had the distinct honor of paying a last tribute to one of our fallen brothers-in-arms and fellow Airmen, Maj. Rodolfo I. Rodriguez. Major Rodriguez was the commander of the Contingency Training Flight of the 86th Construction and Training Squadron out of Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and is survived by his wife Caryn, his
  • Commander highlights recent events

    Recently, Chief Master Sgt. Tim Omdal and I had the distinct privilege of visiting the men of the 13th Air Support Operations Squadron (13th ASOS) at Fort Carson. The 13th ASOS is tasked with successfully integrating joint firepower and advanced weather technology in support of Army operations worldwide. The 13th ASOS includes a tactical air