Cyberspace: we're only as strong as our weakest link.

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Air, Space, and Cyberspace. As Airmen, we conduct our mission in these domains every day but how many of us have actually fought in air and space? Every Air Force member, in some way, shape or form, utilize cyberspace to complete our mission. From cell phones to Personal Digital Assistants to computers, we fight in cyberspace multiple times each day. The question is: Are we using all of the safeguards we are supposed to every time and in the correct manner protect us from our enemies? 

Recently, the 21st Space Wing held it's first-ever Cyber Awareness Day. The event consisted of wing-wide presentations involving videos and key speakers with the sole purpose of educating listeners on their responsibilities with regard to cyberspace. 

Among the topics of discussion were threats, enemy tactics, safeguards, best practices and current trends across the Air Force and in the 21st Space Wing. 

Gen. C. Robert Kehler, Air Force Space Command commander, addressed the issue in a video presentation in which he stated "Each and every one of us is a security forces member in cyberspace." General Kehler also stressed the importance of staying vigilant and not becoming complacent in our everyday duties while using cyberspace resources and said we are only as strong as our weakest link. 

A few tips to increasing cyberspace security are: 

- Secure your computer when it is not within in your sight by removing your Common Access Card 

- Make sure an email has a digital signature before opening attachments and links 

- Do not download unauthorized programs and applications 

- Do not share your PIN

Cyberspace security starts with each of us; from the lowest-ranking Airman to the most senior general or civilian Department of Defense contractor, we owe it to each other and to our nation to secure all our resources ALL the time.