ORI is our time to shine

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo -- The big day is here tomorrow.

The Air Force Space Command Inspector General team officially begins the Wing operational readiness and unit compliance inspections with an in brief here Friday.

Technically, the inspection has already begun at some of our GSUs, but as of tomorrow, the IG will begin the inspection in earnest at the GSUs, followed by the inspection here at Peterson sometime in April.

I am confident we will do great - we have practiced with Condor Crest exercises, we have dug into our processes and refined them, and now is our time to shine.

I know everyone has been working long hours preparing for the inspections, but now is not the time to quit. Keep up the stride for a strong finish during the inspection. Do your best, remain professional, and keep upbeat, because we're almost there. And thanks to everyone for making the 21st the best Wing in the Air Force.

Shifting gears to happenings around the Wing, we remain busy as ever providing unsurpassed installation support and protection.

The Air Force Assistance Fund held a kickoff breakfast Monday at The Club. The breakfast was designed to bring leadership together on the campaign and to get the campaign off to a good start. Thanks to Capt. Chris Baker, the AFAF installation project officer, and everyone who helped make this breakfast possible, especially the unit project officers and the key workers.

The Air Force Assistance Fund truly captures the way in which the Air Force is a family and how we help take care of each other. Donating to charities is a personal choice that I encourage everyone to consider.

The Air Force is training its new leaders, as the recent AFSPC squadron commander' s course was held March 9 to 13 at the Leadership Development Center. The course is required for all officers selected to fill squadron commander positions.

There were 19 officers attending the course from AFSPC bases across AFSPC. During the course the newly minted commanders focus on all aspects of their day-to-day activities with an emphasis on leadership, accountability, personnel programs and functional areas. The course is a terrific foundation for the squadron commanders and will take them far in their careers.

Congratulations to our newly selected squadron commanders, as they begin a new chapter in their Air Force lives.

Finally, March is Mentorship month, part of Air Force Space Command's Year of Leadership initiative.

Part of the goal is to invest quality time developing and furthering careers of subordinates, a key part of mentorship.

As the Air Force continues its transformation to a smaller force, those remaining in its ranks face an increased burden. Having a mentor to help develop goals, avoid career and life mistakes, and help them work toward their full potential is vital in this leaner Air Force.

The Air Force is a team -whether you are an Airman, civilian or contractor - we all work toward the same goal, so having someone to share varied experiences only contributes to that team.

If you don't have a mentor, I encourage you to seek one out. And for those of you with the experience to offer our younger Airmen and civilians, you, too, can seek out a protégé to share knowledge, and help them become a more effective member of our team.