Condor Crest sharpens Airmen’s warrior skills

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Welcome back from a well-deserved holiday weekend. Our Condor Crest exercise had us all busy, and hopefully everyone had the chance to relax and return safely and rested as we launch into the final push toward our ORI and UCI. This exercise allowed the Wing to show how we provide unsurpassed installation support and protection, and allowed our Airmen and civilians to showcase their skills and professionalism. 

Throughout the exercise, our Airmen showed their quality and crisp attention to details. 

One Airman in particular deserves recognition for his outstanding work during the exercise. Staff Sergeant Mark Goenen of the Peterson Fire Department expertly filled in for a fire chief with more than 30 years experience. Sergeant Goenen's efforts ensured all first responders were briefed on exercise scenarios and conducted operations that led to mission accomplishment. He is a credit to the Peterson Fire Department and a prime example of this installation's outstanding Airmen. 

Also during the exercise our Warrior Airmen responded to eight fire alarm evacuations, four bomb threats at various facilities, explosive ordnance detachment and bio environmental responses to radiological agents, and the simulated deployment of 47 personnel and equipment to an overseas location. 

Personnel responded correctly with a sense of urgency to emergency events around the base. Practicing evacuation and accountability procedures is critically important to saving lives in an emergency. 

Think about your own work area. Who might need some assistance? Who might not have heard the alarm, or the warning? We are all wingmen for our co-workers, and an emergency evacuation is a situation where wingmen are needed to preserve our personnel and mission capability. 

The deployment procedures also went smoothly. This effort - a consolidated endeavor from individual deployers, the Installation Deployment Office, the Logistics Readiness Flight, cargo packing, and personal belongings - resulted in on-time departures for our shortest deployment tasking timelines, in some cases only 22 hours from notification to scheduled departure. 

Having periodic exercises are vital to maintaining mission readiness for the Wing and our Warriors. Evaluating first responders during emergency management situations improves our processes and prepares our Airmen to handle various emergencies. It sharpens our command and control to take care of Team Pete and ensures we deliver the best response possible for every situation. Each evaluation identifies areas for improvement and fine tunes our force. 

Emergency Management Exercises give the wing an opportunity to ensure our communication, command, control, and recovery experts can practice their information flow, deconflict their procedures, and think through situations that might threaten our mission, our people, our city, and our country. 

The development and deployment of our Warrior Airmen to support the Global War on Terror is one of Peterson's primary mission objectives. This wing is capable of sending the best trained space superiority and support Airmen to any combatant commander on a moment's notice. Our exercise deployment scenarios are challenging and continue to improve our deployment plans. For this exercise, 47 Warrior Airmen and 13,000 pounds of cargo were processed to deploy. Great job! 

On 9 February, I had the privilege of providing the opening comments to the Area Dental Lab (ADL) Workshop in Colorado Springs. The ADL here supports military readiness by creating dental and specialized laboratory products that meet quality and timeliness standards, conducting research and educational activities and delivering consultative services to dentists and laboratory technicians worldwide. Over 370 attendees came from around the world, to include Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors, as well as civil servants from public health and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Between the lectures and hands-on courses, the attendees bettered their knowledge and their abilities to treat our Airmen and fellow servicemembers, not only here, but around the globe. 

The theme for this year's workshop was "United in Excellence," and it was such an appropriate theme in today's environment. It is central to one of the Air Force's Core Values, "Excellence in All We Do." 

Also, my highest praise and congratulations to Tech. Sgt. Tina Timmerman, 21st Space Wing Plans and Program, on her selection as the 2008 Air Force Military Deception (MILDEC) NCO of the Year. This is a phenomenal accomplishment and a testament to Tech. Sgt. Timmerman's highest level of professionalism, dedication, and selflessness. Awesome work and very well deserved! 

Let's continue our preparations and have our operations flawless for the IG team in March, and prove the 21st is the best at providing flawless missile warning, and unsurpassed installation support and protection, while developing our Warrior Airmen. 

Good job to all of you for the dedication and hard work, and have a great week.