Blueprint 2050 provides plan for future

Peterson AFB, Colo. -- During my Commander's Calls on 18 and 19 April, I discussed the Peterson 2050 Blueprint Plan - "Envisioning the Future". I wanted to provide a little more information and emphasize the importance of planning for the future.

In the next 20-25 years, the city of Colorado Springs is projected to be the largest city in Colorado, surpassing Denver proper. This growth forced us to look at the impacts of encroachment and what we needed to do now to prepare for the next 50 years. "...Provide Unsurpassed Installation Support and Protection...", is the second element of our 21st Space Wing Mission Statement -- encroachment is a risk to our mission.

Due to this projected growth, in an effort to solidify the safety and security of Peterson AFB, we developed a plan for the future -- the 2050 Blueprint Plan. The plan is to lessen encroachment issues, deter potential terrorist attack, establish more defensive security measures and allow for sustainable growth of existing and future missions.

The importance of this plan can not be overstated given that Peterson AFB is the headquarters for Air Force Space Command, NORAD/USNORTHCOM, Army Space Missile Defense Command, 21st Space Wing, and the 302nd Airlift Wing. Peterson also provides airlift deployment capabilities for all local bases to include the Fort Carson Army troops and equipment.

The 2050 plan is postured to allow for the development and security of our current known requirements as well as the inevitable future mission bed downs that are unknown at this time. There are three facets to Peterson's 2050 Blueprint Plan: borders, internal base layout, and traffic access and interface.

We have assessed potential expansion areas around Peterson and are in the process of working with city, state and federal representatives and as well as higher headquarters to procure the availability of land for expansion. The internal base layout is focused on a "smarter" layout. Lastly, traffic access and interface refers to the safe and expeditious entrance and exit off base. All three gates will receive major overhauls. I ask that you all use patience and extreme caution during these gate improvements and until new safety measures can be implemented.

The Peterson 2050 Blueprint Plan is part of the bigger General Base Plan. 

We also post updated information on the Peterson 2050 Blueprint Plan on our public web page at, http://www.peterson.af.mil/library/blueprint2050/index.asp. If you have questions, please contact 21st Space Wing Public Affairs at 556-5185.

Envision the Future - It takes all of us together to build Strength and Preparedness to Save the Nation!