Compassion: Food for thought, Part 3

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- As we find ourselves deep into the holiday season, Air Force Space Command focuses on compassion during the month of December. Here are a few key points to consider...and to share, both now and all year round.

-Compassion can be for an organization or anything attached to it.

-Are we passionate about the United States Air Force? Are we proud of what we do?

-Compassion prompts us to care for our organization.

-If we see trash on the ground around our area, do we pick it up or think that someone else will do it? Compassion prompts us to pick up the trash because we care.

-If we see something wrong, we should address the problem because we have compassion.

-Compassion: Sympathy for the suffering of others with a desire to help.

-Is compassion a reaction or a choice to a situation? 
   - Your neighbor asks to borrow something...reaction or choice? 
   - Someone is in need and you are there...reaction or choice?

-Compassion should grow to be a part of our life and leadership.

-The art of good leadership is balanced with the wise use of compassion.