Team Peterson's Sports and Field Day

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Challenging ourselves to incorporate fitness and health into our lifestyle is what makes us a more fit force than ever before. We are now in the fourth year of the current fitness standard, and since its inception, we have developed multiple ways of enjoying fitness.

Arguably, the most anticipated fitness event of the year is our annual Sports and Field Day. On June 19, the day broke with perfect weather, a sense of enjoyable competitive spirit, and camaraderie that filled the area. Over 2,100 "Team Pete" members registered to compete; they arrived geared up to showcase their physical fitness and put it to the test in the 37 sports and recreational events offered. While the sheer number of people and events, at first glance, may have seemed to take the spotlight, it was the absolute team effort that made it a memorable day for me.

Team scores from large, medium, and small units were separately tabulated and rewarded based on the highest accrued point values. Aside from recognizing the team competitors, I had the distinct privilege of meeting Capt. Jason Schlarb from Air Force Space Command's Space and Missile Systems Center, who had his own standout performance. He crossed the finish line as this year's inductee into the "Ring of Fame," a highly competitive and demanding program which recognizes Peterson's Athlete of the Year. However, his race didn't stop there; he caught the next flight out to represent the Air Force at Grandma's Marathon through the Air Force Sports program in Duluth, Minnesota.

It has been said before that a leader is not recognized for individual performance, but only when the team accomplishes the mission. While there were many individuals who joined forces in facilitating Sports and Field Day, none was more important to its success than Ben Beck, the 21st Services Squadron Fitness Center Director. He, along with a dedicated team of volunteers, planned and organized the day's events, keeping true to our purpose of sustaining a "Fit to Fight" force...mission success!

There many other folks I'd also like to thank for the day's activities. First, I'd like to thank the entire 21st Services Squadron; I was really impressed with the enthusiasm they showed in providing such a great event to the entire "Team Pete" family. I'd also like to show gratitude to Maj. Mike Davide, Maj. Judy Davis, Master Sgt. Manny Perez, Master Sgt. Larry Barrentine, Tech Sgt. Scott Justice and Staff Sgt. John Prowers, who were all key facilitators in the logistical planning effort. From the event managers who oversaw the event competitions to the 75-plus volunteers who assisted with setting up, tearing down, food preparation by the Chiefs Group, and a patriotic music presentation by Wild Blue Country, it was a complete team effort.

Before I close, I'd like to note the contributions of the numerous sponsors that donated to the events of the day - ENT Federal Credit Union, Military Auto Connection, Pioneer Services, Home Depot, Buffalo Wild Wings, Colorado R&R, Rocky Mountain Blue, AAFES, Texas T-Bone, Perfect Water, and USAA. I thank you all for your continued support to Team Peterson and the 21st Space Wing Knights.