Commander provides update on installation facilities, services

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- One of the key components of the 21st Space Wing's mission is to provide unsurpassed installation support and protection. As the Air Force Space Command nominee for the 2007 Curtis E. LeMay Award for services excellence and the winner of the Air Force Outstanding Civil Engineer Squadron (21st Civil Engineer Squadron), the 21st SW has definitely held its own in this area. 

However, we continually strive to provide even better support each and every day. Not only does the wing do this for Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Colo., and Peterson here in Colorado Springs, but we also provide this kind of support for Thule Air Base, Greenland, Clear AFS, Alaska, Cavalier AFS, N.D. and Cape Cod AFS, Mass. 

At each of these six installations, improving quality of life is an essential factor in providing overall installation support for the wing. Nowhere does this receive more visibility than at Peterson. In fact, there are a number of ongoing efforts aimed at continuing our standard for providing unsurpassed installation support and protection for the entire Team Peterson community. The following is a base update on these ongoing efforts.
Base Clinic Refurbishment - Work in this area will continue through the summer of 2008. Included in the $10 million refurbishment project are upgrades that will modernize our medical facility including renovation of the clinic's front entrance and the building of a new pharmacy. In order to accommodate the front entrance refurbishment, the main parking lot is closed until project completion. Substitute parking is now available at the old NCO club as well as the north side of the clinic. 

Peterson AFB Club Renovations - Areas to be improved include replacing the roof, renovating the restrooms, replacing the ceiling tiles and interior lighting and painting the ballroom ceiling. Most of the work, except for the roof replacement, is projected to be completed by the end of March. This renovation should make a big difference in the overall appearance of the Club. 

Aquatics Center Re-Opening - The Aquatics Center has been closed since November 2006 while many areas are refurbished. This includes the main pool, kiddie pool, diving board, hot tub, locker rooms and lobby as well as the roof, floor, pool deck and heating ventilating and air conditioning system. The contractor will complete the multi-million dollar renovation on Feb. 28. The entire facility will be handicapped accessible. The grand opening of the new pool is scheduled for March 14. 

AAFES Shopette Fuel Tank Repairs - This week, from February 18-22, AAFES is in the process of repairing a leak in the mid-grade fuel tanks. This affects the inner pumps; consequently, only 50 percent of our gas pumps are operational during the repair work. The outer pumps remain unaffected. To make up for the reduced gas pumps, hours for the base service station have been extended. Full-up capabilities will be back in place next week. 

Fiber Optic Installation - The 21st Space Communications Squadron is in the process of installing the communication backbone for the new military family housing units that will be constructed as part of the housing privatization developmental effort. A fiber optic cable is being installed parallel to the street in front of the club. Estimated completion date is the first week in March. 

Running Trail Enhancements - Three solar powered emergency phones will be installed along the running trail this week. In addition, 2.5 and 5.0 kilometer distance markers will be installed in the mid-March timeframe. These enhancements should provide an improvement in both safety and user-friendliness for those who use the outdoor running trail. 

Base Movie Theater - Our base movie theater opened on Feb. 1. We show three, free movies each week with a showing on Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Saturday evenings. The 21st Services Squadron operates the theater and the Peterson Youth Center operates a popcorn and soda stand with profits going to our youth programs. Check the 21st SVS Web page, www.21svs.com, for information on what's playing. 

As you can see, there is a lot going on at Peterson. My thanks to each of the 21st SW units who play a part in continuing to provide unsurpassed installation support and protection to not only the 21st SW, but the entire Team Peterson community.