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Memorial Day
  • What Does Memorial Day Mean to You?

    It’s safe to say that when people think of Memorial Day, they feel many different emotions.
  • Service Before Self

    With Memorial Day only a few days past, it seems appropriate to talk about “service before self,” the most misunderstood Air Force Value. I was already on active duty when the Air Force created the Core Values. At that time, many of us thought, “Well, it’s official now, the Air Force is more important than my family or me.”This year marks the 21st
  • Memorial Day 2016

    In my first Commander’s Call I talked about how we are all a part of an organization, a family really, where we all would lay down our life to protect each other. The spirit of that statement embodies the spirit of Memorial Day: the sacrifice of individual life for the benefit of fellow citizens and brothers and sisters in arms. Every day I am