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  • Leadership 100 vs. leadership 500: Where does your leadership rank?

    I recently attended a meeting of senior leaders to discuss topics of various importance. It is normally out of character for me to daydream during meetings, but in this case I am guilty as charged. My mind pondered concerns of leadership triggered by comments made by another senior leader. The concept “Leadership 100 vs. Leadership 500” came to mind as an expression of my feelings about the importance of growing leaders as we progress in rank.
  • Leading through disasters

    No matter how much you study leadership in books, professional military education or observe others, there is no comparison to practice. As commanders, we must give our junior members the opportunity to test their skills. They must be empowered to make decisions and, most importantly, make mistakes.
  • The Hurricane Seat

    After a flight which left my cheeks numb and sinuses cleared, I reflected on the meaning of an unsuspected ride in the hurricane seat. I strongly believe life lessons present themselves in unexpected ways. Here is what I learned from sitting in my little torture seat for nearly an hour.