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  • Flight planning for the road

    Whether traveling this summer as a passenger or operator by car, motorcycle, rail, or air, there is no substitute for proper "preflight" planning. Military pilots will spend as much as two hours of mission planning for a 1-hour sortie. How much time will you spend preparing to take that 15-hour road trip this summer? Regardless of time spent,
  • Are your gums killing you?

    Everyone gets the "flossing lecture" and "gum disease warnings." For many people, this may seem absurd. You brush every day, several times even. Use a killer mouthwash that makes your mouth tingly fresh. You get an exam and cleaning every year, maybe you've never had a cavity or filling in your life. So what's the problem and why are you being
  • Command chief retires after three decades of service

    Chief Master Sgt. Michael T. Sullivan retired Feb. 14 after 31 years of service. His position as Air Force Space Command's command chief master sergeant has given him the ultimate opportunity to do what he loves best - serve his country, advise his commander and mentor his Airmen in a command that covers 13 time zones, 160 units and over 48
  • Holiday festivities bring reminder to drink responsibly

    The holidays are often a time of overindulgence - eating lots of decadent foods, overspending on presents and, occasionally, drinking a few too many. As calendars fill up with Christmas and New Year's parties, officials here are reminding servicemembers to drink and act responsibly. Too much alcohol, they say, can often lead to fights, arrests for
  • NORAD seeks volunteer Santa trackers

    It's that time of year again - North American Aerospace Defense Command is once again looking for a few hundred Santa Trackers to help relay the jolly old elf's whereabouts on Christmas Eve to children around the world. NORAD will track Santa again this year - a job they assumed in 1958 when the command was established. Prior to that CONAD -
  • Wounded warriors join SnoFest

    First Lt. Ed Salau was a member of the North Carolina Army National Guard on patrol in Iraq in 2004 when a rocket propelled grenade penetrated the Bradley Fighting Vehicle he was riding in. Lieutenant Salau, the platoon leader, lost his left leg and his gunner lost his right leg in the attack by insurgents. "We were able to kill or capture the guys
  • Dancing, movie, displays part of Native American Heritage Month celebration

    Base Exchange patrons got more than low-priced goods and a quick lunch Nov. 14. Members of the Sweetwater Indian Dancers treated customers and passersby to traditional Native American dancing and drumming during the lunch hour. Part of the base's Native American Heritage Month celebration, the event was meant to give the Peterson community a taste
  • Museum busy reassembling missile procedures trainer

    Right now, the endless sea of materials piled on the floor of the Peterson Museum hangar looks like - well, an endless sea of materials. But thanks to base and local community volunteers, those materials will soon become a permanent, interactive missile exhibit here. Members of the museum foundation, volunteers from the 21st Space Wing and Air
  • CFC hits close to home

    "Two minutes and it all comes back to you" is a phrase becoming more and more familiar as the slogan for the 2007 Combined Federal Campaign. For one family at Peterson, these words ring true. Staff Sgt. Michael Bishop, 21st Logistics Readiness Squadron, and his family benefited greatly from an organization supported through the CFC. Last year 21st
  • Airmen visit vets, bring back memorable stories

    His fair skin may have wrinkles and his hearing may not be what it used to, but the blue eyes of war veteran Jack Egon appear bright and ageless as he talks of many decades gone by. This visual rang true to four Airmen and two civilians as they visited residents at the Walsenburg Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home Oct. 26. Located 50 miles south