Peterson Air and Space Museum
  • For the love of planes

    Her love for aircraft started at a young age, beginning with the love her father felt, and shared, toward the planes he saw in the military. From there her infatuation bloomed as she attended air shows she saw with her father, her then husband, and now with her children. When she retired two years ago from interior decorating, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her time. By chance, one newspaper brought her to a new stage in her life.
  • Hands on history

    History lives in more than just books, it lives in objects and people as well. Walking past a historic display, seeing an old photo, the stories and emotions this invokes can be pulled to the surface. A piece of history located on Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, that helped steer Jeffery Nash, Edward J. Peterson Air and Space Museum assistant director, toward his career in museum curating. After years of working on Peterson AFB as active duty and as a civilian, one project reminded him of his passions and pushed him to this new step in life.
  • Peterson Air and Space Museum: Experiencing local heritage

    The Peterson Air and Space Museum preserves Air Force culture by emphasizing the mission and history of the base and the local area.
  • Colorado Springs museum accepts donation of Canadian fighter jet

    On June 24, a third Canadian aircraft was unveiled at the museum’s Airpark. The CF-188A Hornet (tail number 188723) was donated by the Government of Canada to the USAF Heritage Program as a gesture of appreciation for the U.S. and Canada’s longstanding and continued partnership through the North American Aerospace Defense Command.