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Peterson AFB Updated Information

21 FSS will be updating their closures and limited services at the following link:https://www.21fss.com/news/closures-on-base-due-to-covid-19

With restrictions on travel and office closures, there are and will continue to be individuals with expired DoD identification cards who are unable to access a military personnel center to replace their expired cards.  Therefore, effective immediately, Installation Access Controllers may accept an expired DoD Common Access Card or Uniformed Services ID Card (such as those issued to dependents or retirees) as long as the printed expiration date is January 1, 2020 or later.  This exception will remain in place until further guidance is given on the period of time for this short-term exception.  The credential must be successfully verified using an electronic physical access control system.  An expired CAC or USID that fails to electronically verify may not be accepted, but shall not be confiscated unless believed to be counterfeit.  Expired credentials of any other type remain subject to confiscation.

We would like to emphasize the USAF will NOT be confiscating expired CACs or USIDs during this time, unless believed to be counterfeit.  It is imperative that all installation Security Forces, including augmentation forces are aware of this interim guidance exception to policy.

An important reminder to those who are still working or living on base: ABSOLUTELY no food delivery service is allowed on base. If you do order out, please have it delivered to the West Gate Visitor Control Center, and ensure you meet the delivery person there.

AAFES hours are as follows:
Exchange Shopping Center
Main Store: Daily 0900-1700(0800-0900 Mon & Wed Active Duty Only)
Food Court: Daily 1100-1600(Take Out Only)
Starbucks: Mon - Sat 0800-1600
Starbucks: Sun- 0900-1600
Mall Concessions: Daily 0900-1600
Optometry Shop - Closed
Optical Shop - Closed
Laundry/Dry Clean: Mon-Fri 1200-1600
Barber Shops:
Peterson Shopping Center Mon– Fri 0900 – 1600
Peterson Express Location Mon– Fri 0900 – 1600
Peterson Express: Mon-Fri 0530-2200
Sat-Sun 0700-2200
Kwick Kar: Mon-Fri 0800-1600
McDonalds: Daily 0600-2000 Drive Thru and Take out Only
Commissary Hours: Regular hours with special hours for Active Duty and their families, Tuesday – Friday from 9 to 10 a.m. 
Because of increased demand and to ensure that everyone has equal access to essential times, quantity limits on select items has been implemented. These products are limited as follows per day: 1 per family: antibacterial gels, wipes, sprays, soaps, bleach, toilet paper/paper towels/napkins and tissue. 2 per family: gallon of milk, case of water, package of eggs, bread 4 total per family: fresh beef or pork variety packages 2 per family: chicken variety packages


Effective immediately the following activities have been suspended:
- PAFB Fitness Center
- Aero Club
The outdoor track remains available for use with appropriate social distancing.
The following organizations remain open:
- BX Satellite Pharmacy
- Military Personnel Flight – open by appointment only.Call 719-556-0008
- Visitor Centers at Peterson and Cheyenne Mountain AFS
- Gate Hours remain the same
- Military Treatment Facilities at Peterson and Schriever AFB
- DFAC remains open to dorm residents, first responders, crews, command centers and 24/7 ops.
Access to the installation has not been restricted and mission essential support to USNORTCOM, USSPACECOM, USSF and all critical mission partner activity continues.
Additionally, Colorado has issued a stay-at-home order. As such, Peterson AFB personnel on official business may need to prove essential status when traveling to and from work. If required, mission essential personnel should present their CAC or Federal ID card along with the movement memo (located on https://www.peterson.af.mil/Coronavirus/) and explain the nature of the work promoting their movement. That should allow freedom of movement around the city.
Contractor employees are not specifically covered by the memo and should seek guidance from their employers on this issue.
The Mental Health Flight is Open. The Mental Health Clinic and ADAPT are open for Active Duty Members. Active Duty walk-ins are welcome at the Mental Health Clinic. Patient appointments in MHC, ADAPT, and FAP continue, but may be virtual. DAVA and NPSP services remain available. For any questions on services please call 719-556-7804 or 719-556-8943.
The Peterson AFB Chapel continues to support Team Pete by offering most programs and services virtually.  
Chapel Catholic and Protestant worship services are posted (livestream) to the Peterson AFB Chapel Facebook Page on Sunday mornings.  Chapel staff members also post daily encouragement videos.  
Counseling services are available to any Team Pete members via telephone or video, in person counseling is only offered when circumstances require.  Chaplain support requests are arranged by calling the chapel Monday through Friday from 0730-1630 at 719-556-4442.  After hours request can be arranged by calling the Colorado Springs Regional Command Post at 719-556-4555

Gate Guard Duty: Gate guard augmentee duty is suspended until further notice.

Civilian Personnel: If employees are approved by supervisors to telework as part of management actions in response to COVID-19, the code they should be using in ATAAPS is TS for situational telework. They will use RG on the timecard and then select TS as the sub code. In addition, employees and supervisors must take action to complete corresponding training at the earliest convenience. To further clarify, employees and supervisors may complete the training immediately, via VPN, or as soon as practicable as network access allows. They have waived the restriction for teleworking while your children are at home. If your leadership has questions in regard to the paperwork that is required please have them contact civilian personnel. I have also attached a useful table I received from CPO for assisting with determining different scenarios and how the employees should be working or teleworking or using leave.

If the employee is regularly scheduled to Telework they will use TW if the telework is unscheduled in response to a situation (e.g. COVID19) they will use TS.

Certification Window for the below Pay Period End Dates (PPE) will be open effective 18 MAR 20, to help with being able to certify as early as possible. We are not having accelerated payroll, but we want to minimize the possibility of time not being certified on time. PPE 28 MAR 20 PPE 11 APR 20 PPE 25 APR 20

ATAAPS can be accessed on a personal computer with a CAC/Smart Card Reader on commercial internet. It does not have to be on a government computer or be on the Virtual Private Network (VPN). If any of your certifiers have a government cell phone, they may also be able to access ATAAPS and certify as well.

Ordinarily a timecard is required to be Concurred on by the employee before certification; however, if the employee is not able to do so, it does not prevent the Certifier from certifying the timecard. A Timekeeper can enter time on the timecard on behalf of the employee. When the employee is able to concur, they will need to do so, as well as make any necessary changes so that it will update as a retro transaction.

Finance Office: The 21st Comptroller Squadron will be operating virtually effectively immediately. All financial inquiries can be emailed to 21CPTS.FMFC@us.af.mil and technicians are standing by to respond to each email in a timely manner. Please ensure your contact information is included in correspondence in the event a technician needs to reach you. PCS in-processing briefings that are typically held each Tuesday and separation and retirement briefings that are held each Friday are now virtual. Email 21CPTS.FMFC@us.af.mil and a technician will electronically provide documentation to ensure military and travel entitlements are updated accordingly or will advise what actions are necessary to fulfill this requirement.

Due to heightened exposure risk of COVID-19, financial institutions on Peterson AFB have made the following changes:

- Ent Credit Union: Open during normal hours for drive through services only. The customer service lobby will be closed until further notice.

- 5-Star Bank: Open during normal hours for drive through services and for customers who call ahead for access to safe deposit boxes. Otherwise, the customer service lobby is closed until further notice.

Photo Studio Operations: The 21 SW Public Affairs photo studio will cease operations until further notice. If you had an appointment it will be cancelled.

PT Testing: Fitness assessments have been cancelled until Jun 2020. Please see the myPers Article (link below). https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/46625

Effective 17 March 2020, all Official Fitness Assessment Testing is cancelled until June 2020.

  • Members who are due for their Official Fitness Assessment in March will test in 6 months, September 2020
  • Members who are due for their Official Fitness Assessment in April will test in 6 months, October 2020
  • Members who are due for their Official Fitness Assessment in May will test in 6 months, November 2020

FACs must ensure that AFMMS II is updated to reflect a Commander Composite Exemption on each member who is due for their Official Fitness Assessment in March, April and May. FACs must also ensure the expiration dates reflect the same due dates indicated above to prevent members going into a non-current status. Fitness Testing will resume on 1 June 2020 unless further guidance is published.

The 21st SW Safety office is going virtual. There is a safety representative on standby for any Occupational or Weapons Management related events and the Safety Office on-call (719) 330-5387 is manned 24-7. Scheduled facility inspections and training events are postponed. All personnel should report mishaps as normal.

The Retiree Activities Office is closed for the next couple of weeks as we as a community and nation do our best to minimize the spread of this virus. We will send you an email when the Retiree Office is re-opened for normal business.

The Peterson Air and Space Museum will be closed until further notice.

SAPR Office Response Plan: The SAPR office will be working remotely with VPN and duty cell phones. All office phone lines have been transferred to duty cell phones. We will maintain our 24/7 response capability with the crisis line manned by full time staff (in lieu of rotating volunteers). We have a sign posting all information in our general office area in the event that any one comes by. 24/7 CRISIS LINE: 719.556.7272 (SARC)

Sponsor Engagement: If you are sponsoring an inbound member affected by the stop-movement order, please ensure you are in contact with them and funneling up concerns or issues through your chain-of-command. Also, please ensure you are providing those inbound members with official guidance. Proactive communication is vital given the unprecedented nature of the rapidly changing events.

DSD: Effectively immediately, all 2020 Spring DSD actions are suspended until further notice. That said, please encourage supervisors and commanders to continue to discuss career broadening options with their Airmen and ben even more prepared to vector them when a new opportunity window is set.

Stop Movement Directive:

Please note: This guidance does not capture current facility closures specific to Peterson AFB, for that please refer to: https://www.21fss.com/
  • STOP MOVEMENT Guidancehttps://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/46605 (Please see Tab 1 for Guidance, cao 26 March 2020)
  • Consolidation of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance (includes duty status, fitness, EPME, and enlisted promotion FAQs): https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/46624
  • (UPDATED 26 MAR 2020) EXORD Modification to DoD Response to Coronavirus (24 Mar 20): This is a SECDEF-approved EXORD Modification (MOD) that directs the Department of Defense (DoD) to immediately stop movement for international travel to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and to protect and preserve the operational effectiveness of forces world-wide.
(cao 26 Mar 2020) myPers Secure- COVID-19 Stop Movement Excerpt:
**NOTE: Please review the attachment in its entirety. There have been additional changes as a result of this EXORD.
1. Effective 25 March 2020 through 24 May 2020 (or otherwise ordered), a Stop Movement is ordered for all INTERNATIONAL travel for Airmen and their sponsored family members not under the responsibility of a U.S. Chief of Mission for all forms of official travel and movements associated with Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Temporary Duty (TDY), government-funded leave, service member personal leave, and all Contingency Deployments (Global Force Management (GFM) Activities (Attachment 13).
2. Exceptions to this Guidance:
A. Travel for the Purpose of Medical Treatment: Travel by patients and medical providers for the purpose of medical treatment for DoD personnel and their family members is authorized.
B. OSD guidance currently states, individuals who have already initiated travel (including intermediate stops) are authorized to continue to their final destination.
C. OSD guidance currently states, individuals whose TDY ends while this order is in effect are authorized to return to their home station.
D. U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) is authorized to continue execution of the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise as required to project and sustain the Joint Force globally. This includes forces (aircrews and mission essential personnel) ordered by the Secretary on prepare to deploy orders (PTDO) alert status, air refueling, Global Patient Movement, Mortuary Affairs support, inland surface, sea and air sustainment missions, support to other U.S. Agencies as approved by SecDef, and moves of personnel and equipment that support USTRANSCOM global posture requirements.
E. Exceptions for Contingency deployments (GFM activities): Approval authority for exceptions for Global Force Management activities is the Joint Staff Director of Operations (DJ-3). ETPs will be submitted by the COCOM; further guidance will follow as received. It is important that deploying members remain in contact with their IPR and Chain of Command as there have been instances in which pre-deployment training and/or deployments have been delayed.
F. Retirements and Separations: Airmen retiring or separating are exempt. Travel will be subject to applicable travel screening protocols in Attachment 3. Airmen who are unable to schedule household good shipments or travel due to local restrictions or shelter-in-place initiatives may request changes to their retirement/separation dates via myPers.
G. Additional exceptions to this order may be granted in writing in cases where the travel is: (1) determined to be mission-essential; (2) necessary for humanitarian reasons; or (3) warranted due to extreme hardship. Approval authority for all other exceptions belongs to the Combatant Commander if the individual is assigned or allocated to a Combatant Command; the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff if the individual is assigned to the Joint Staff; the Secretary of the Military Department concerned for personnel under his/her jurisdiction; or the Chief Management Officer for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Field Activities Exceptions are to be done on a case by case basis, shall be limited in number, and shall be coordinated between the gaining and losing organizations, as appropriate.
H. Authorized travelers will adhere to the Force Health Protection guidelines and later guidance, if any.

Base Exchange: Hand sanitizers, face masks, disposable gloves, rubbing alcohol, thermometers, paper towels, toilet paper, bleach, disinfecting wipes and cleaners, are limited to three per customer.

The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate is currently providing very limited legal services and has suspended all walk-in legal assistance services and Will appointments until further notice. If you are an Active Duty service member who is deploying and/or has an emergent legal issue please call 556-4871 for assistance.

21st Force Support Squadron: Here is an educational resource link for parents who now have their kids at home with them. https://www.21fss.com/news/learning-while-schools-are-closed/ Here is additional text on your School Liasion https://www.21fss.com/about/airman-family-readiness/school-liaison-officer/